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#8) Firewall Season 1

We will try to collect as much information about each episode here before it airs and then fill in what we could not afterwards. There will most likely be some minor spoilers when we analyze each episode since it is just too hard to avoid them completely.

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#8) Firewall
Orig Air Date  :  Apr.19.2002     Written By  :  J. Michael Straczynski     Length  :  45 mins
Production Code  :  109     Director  :  Peter Deluise     Rated  :  TV14
Theo Rating: 9.0   Votes: 55   Rank: 5/25   [ Vote ]
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Investigating a group known as the orange men, Jeremiah and Kurdy capture Quantrell and everything changes for Thunder Mountain - Quantrell is an adult survivor who knows a great deal about both Markus and Valhalla Sector. The race for the answers begins and the battle to win starts now.

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  • Luke Perry as Jeremiah  Episode Photos
  • Malcolm-Jamal Warner as Kurdy  Episode Photos

  • Peter Stebbings as Markus Alexander  Episode Photos
  • Ingrid Kavelaars as Erin  Episode Photos
  • Byron Lawson as Lee Chen  Episode Photos
  • Suzy Joachim as Meaghan  Episode Photos
  • John Ralston as Dr. Sean Alexander  Episode Photos
  • Michael Rooker as Major Quantrell  Episode Photos
  • Alex Zahara Ezekiel  Episode Photos
  • Michael Kopsa as Colonel  Episode Photos
  • Ray Galletti as Clete  Episode Photos
  • Awaovieyi Agie as Rich  Episode Photos
  • Andrew Francis as Young Markus  Episode Photos
  • Carin Moffat as Jean Alexander  Episode Photos
  • Chris Robson as Reporter  Episode Photos

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  • The German title for this episode is "Die Brandmauer" and means "The FireWall" in English.

Wow, I knew when I heard Jeremiah say, "Nothing's the same anymore." at the beginning of the episode that it was a J. Michael Straczynski signature line and that we would be in for one wild ride. I was right. So much happened in this episode that it is hard to absorb it all even after a few viewings. We had some questions answered but we were also given quite a few more questions to chew on.

It was great to finally see some history on Markus and his time before the Big Death wiped out the people at NORAD. I have been curious how Markus took over the base and why he became their leader. Not only did he look like one of the oldest kids there, but he was also given direction from his father to do good and make sure the world was built into a better place. He was a very smart kid who has just been very cautious to do anything ... until now.

It is going to be interesting to see where we go from here since the events in this epsiode turned everything on it's side.

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  • So, how big and powerful is Valhalla Sector?
  • Who exactly are Lee and Ezekiel working for? Valhalla Sector, Thunder Mountain or another power that we don't know about yet?
  • Did the reporter's children ever get the letter he left for them?
  • What did Quantrell know about Jeremiah and his father?
  • Why does Ezekiel identify with Jeremiah and call him his "brother"?
  • Who told Quantrell that Jeremiah was dead?
  • Why did Ezekiel say to Quantrell, "My fathers say hello. Both of them."?
  • What stopped Valhalla Sector before and start experimenting on people? Was it the return of the BigD?
  • Why did the choppers turn away when they were so close instead of taking down TM?
  • When will this war between TM and VS happen? Who will win?

See all photos from this episode and read our collection of favorite quotes as well.

The main thing was testing out directors, testing the storyline, and finding what worked and didn't work. And I found some approaches that worked very well for us in the tone and tenor of shows like Firewall and ... And the Ground, Sown With Salt and the two parters.

Markus would almost certainly have taken out Major Quantrell had Ezekiel not removed that decision from him. The characters are kind of on the razor's edge of what's right and wrong, constantly fighting to do the right thing.
[This] episode is a big arc ep [...] which I wrote as kind of this season's answer to B5's "Signs and Portents," where we really kick the year one arc into high gear. If you're looking for a good place to jump on, this might be it. We really kick over some tables with this one.
My favorite three so far would be Firewall, ... And the Ground, Sown With Salt, and Journeys End in Lovers Meeting.
[A] mid-season turning point for our characters as we learn something of vital importance about Valhalla Sector, and Markus has to make a decision that could lead to any number of deaths.

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