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Here is a collection of links that we have found which contain information about Jeremiah. If you have any suggestions, please let us know!

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Jeremiah Official Sites
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MGM's Official Jeremiah Web Site
Mar.8.2002: If you haven't checked out MGM's official Jeremiah web site lately, they have updated it with lots of information including a full pilot synopsis, behind the scenes, cast and crew info and more!

Showtime's Official Jeremiah Site
Mar.3.2002: Showtime has a whole new and updated section devoted to Jeremiah. It features many things including behind the scenes interviews, photos and more; chat schedule; trailers; full cast and crew info; wallpaper downloads and more! NOTE: We have gotten word that they are blocking all non-US IP addresses. :(

Platinum Studios
An entertainment and production company focusing on comic book-to-film adaptations who is producing Jeremiah. There is not a lot of inforamtion about Jeremiah but maybe they will at some point.

Hermann Huppen's Official Site (in English)
It is mostly in French but they are working on translating their pages about Jeremiah into English. His site talks mostly about the comic that the series was loosely based on. Still you can read about the Hermann's background and the origins from which the series comes from.

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Jeremiah Lists, Newsletters and Boards
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MGM's Sci-Fi Newsletter
MGM has a monthly newsletter that they produce which usually has the latest information on Jeremiah. You can either sign up for an email version or just check back for their online version.

Showtime's Jeremiah Forum
This will be the place to go after watching each episode. You cannot start your own topic as the administrators are the only ones who can do so. It will be interesting to see how it develops.

B5LR's Jeremiah Forum
Lyta (aka Monica Hübinette) moderates this forum on's message board. It is where it all began for her and you can read or participate in the discussions going on over there. NOTE: They have changed domains and are now called

Jeremiah Newsletter from The Abyss
This is our newsletter where you can find out the news as soon as we hear about it. It will probably be sent out on a weekly basis.

Jeremiah Series Discussion Group
This is for those who prefer the email method of discussing Jeremiah. It is new and has a small membership but if we spread the word and start participating in discussions, who knows what will happen?

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Jeremiah News Sites
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Comics2Film on Jeremiah
Looks like they are keeping up on all the latest information on the project and have been following it ever since it was announced. The have a few pages dedicated to the latest news on the series. Keep checking back to see if they have any new news to report!

SciFi 2000 Entertainment News
While they don't have a section dedicated to Jeremiah, they do carry news about the show and often before anyone else does! Keep an eye on this site for all the latest SciFi news.

ISN News on Jeremiah
A pretty decent summary. Sandra's web sites are always full of great inforamtion and news. It doesn't look like Sandra is updating it very frequently, but it does have all the basic information.

Worlds of JMS on Jeremiah
The editor of the great (but now defunct) Babylon 5 site at now has his own and he is doing a great job of providing information about Jeremiah as well. It has a lot of similar stuff as this site with news, gallery, episode guide, links and more.

TV Tome on Jeremiah
This is kind of like the but a trimed down version. They have a news report and an episode guide (among other features) so it will be interesting to see how they do as the show airs.

GEOS on Jeremiah
This is another good place to check out the latest news on the show. They get insider information (sort of like we do) but they have been around longer so even TPTB (The Powers That Be) check it out to see how their shows are doing. They also have similar features like rating episodes, episode guide and schedules for instance but this way you can choose which format you like better.

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Jeremiah News and Photo Archives
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The Split Screen - Why You Should Watch Jeremiah (Article in Hebrew)
On Apr.25.2003, an Israely site called "The Split Screen" posted an article about Jeremiah which explains briefly the origins of the show and the main characters. The author encourages viewers to stick around until episode #7 (City of Roses) or #8 (Firewall) because that is where the story really kicks into high gear. If you can read Hebrew, the you will probably enjoy this article!

Comics2Film - Samwise Direct 'Jeremiah'
On Apr.25.2003, Comics2Film reported that Jeremiah will add a new cast member (Sean Astin plays "Mister Smith") and he will also be directing episode #13 of season two. They also state that season two will air in August.

SciFi Weekly - The Cassutt Files - Musical Writers
In issue #312 (April 14, 2003), SciFi Weekly runs a weekly column from writer, Michael Cassutt who did an article this week about how writers and show runners stay employed during the down time. The column featured a little blurb about Jeremiah and a photo of our man Jeremiah.

Variety - Spidey sequel snares Kiwi
On Apr.9.2003, Variety reported that actor Daniel Gillies (who played "Simon" in The Long Road (Parts 1 & 2)) will star as Kirsten Dunst's ("Mary Jane") love interest in the second Spider-Man movie.

Stargate Alpha - Interview with JR Bourne
Sometime during April 2003, Stargate Alpha posted a lengthy interview with JR Bourne who played Stenn in The Touch. He talks about his experience on the set as well as his friendship with Peter Stebbings (.

Hype This - J. Michael Straczynski: Doing the Write Thing
In April 2003, there was a long and in-depth interview with the Great Maker who reveals many personal details about himself that I have read in a long time. If you want to know what goes on in JMS' head, read this interview.

Futon Critic - New Seasons of 'Street Time,' 'Jeremiah' Set for August
On Apr.1.2003, the Futon Critic reiterated the post that JMS sent to the moderated newsgroup a few days ago that it sounds like the second season will air sometime in August 2003.

MGM - Testing Your Knowledge of MGM's Series
In MGM's March 2003 SciFi Newsletter, there is a short ten question quiz about the various shows produced by MGM. Three of these questions are about Jeremiah so test your knowledge!

MGM - The Scoop on Season Two of Jeremiah
In MGM's March 2003 SciFi Newsletter, Paul Gendreau gives us the scoop on what is in store for us in season two. There will be many surprises ahead this season!

MGM - Stargate SG-1 and Jeremiah Garner Saturn Award Nominations
In MGM's March 2003 SciFi Newsletter, two MGM shows received a total of nine nominations. The awards will be presented on May 18th.

>>> For more news articles and photo archives, please visit our Older Links page.

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Jeremiah Interviews
Official Sites · Lists/Newsletters · News Sites · News Archives · Interviews · Cast/Crew · Related Sites

MGM - Luke Perry Talks About Jeremiah
In their April (Volume 6) Newsletter, Ben Strait talks with Luke about his role in this acclaimed new MGM series. He talks about ... what it is like to play a character like Jeremiah ... about the storylines in Jeremiah ... working with Malcolm-Jamal Warner ... being an Executive Producer ... working with J. Michael Straczynski ... the message of the show.

Comics2Film - Ervin Rustemagic Talks About Jeremiah
On Feb.20.2002, Comics2Films posted an interview with Ervin Rustemagic, who is an executive producer on the show. He is also the founder of Strip Art Features, the Slovenia based publisher who has been responsible for bringing Hermann Huppen's comic to the rest of the world. An interesting point of view of the TV series from the European and Jeremiah comic book fan's perspective. New photos too!

MGM - Builder of Worlds: Straczynski Talks Jeremiah
In MGM's February 2002 Newsletter, they posted a wonderful interview with the Great Maker where he shares a lot of information about the show.

MGM - From Men In Black to Jeremiah
In MGM's February 2002 Newsletter, they an in depth article with Scott Mitchell Rosenberg (CEO of Platinum Studios) who adapted MIB to film and now Jeremiah.

MGM's Press Tour Transcript
In MGM's February 2002 Newsletter, they posted the transcript for their recent Press Tour in LA. Luke Perry (Jeremiah), Malcolm-Jamal Warner (Kurdy) and J. Michael Stracynski (Creator) had the opportunity to promote and answer questions from the press about Showtime's newest series, Jeremiah.

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Jeremiah Cast & Crew Sites
Official Sites · Lists/Newsletters · News Sites · News Archives · Interviews · Cast/Crew · Related Sites

Luke Perry's Official Web Site
Plays Jeremiah in Jeremiah. Read his biography, order autographed photos, filmography, gallery, email and more.

Sean Astin's Official Web Site
Plays Mister Smith in season two of Jeremiah. There are a lot of activities he is involved in ... especially Lord of the Rings information. Still, there is an interesting write up and photos of his role in Jeremiah.

Ingrid Kavelaars' Official Web Site
Plays Erin in Jeremiah. Beautifully done web site with filmography, gallery, biography, news, email and more.

Alex Zahara's Official Web Site
Plays Ezekiel in Jeremiah. A great start and it has plenty of photos in various shows and movies he has appeared in.

Enid-Raye Adam's Official Web Site
Plays Gina in Jeremiah. A fabulous site and you can really get a sense of how wacky and caring she is. Be sure to check out her image gallery with behind the scenes photos from Jeremiah!

Tim Truman's Official Web Site
Composer for Jeremiah. Send him an email, listen to his music, see his filmography, biography and more.

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Related Jeremiah Sites
Official Sites · Lists/Newsletters · News Sites · News Archives · Interviews · Cast/Crew · Related Sites

The Thunder Mountain Files
This is a great start to a wonderful site that has taken an in-depth look at each of the episodes from season one. They are working on doing the same thing for season two so stay tuned. For each episode, it covers a brief premise, the full credits, background information, characters, quotes, references to the world today, notes, nitpicks and what the site owner, Pete, thinks as well as a rating.

Fantasy News
A neat little site that follows some of the more popular SciFi and Fantasy shows ... including Jeremiah! Not a whole lot there right now but Jeremiah just started in the UK which is where they are from.

CultTVKingdom - Jeremiah
They emailed me about a link to this site and so I checked out their site in return. It is a nice start and it has a great filmography for the cast members. It also contains reviews as the episodes air in the UK.

**In Starlight**
A JMS fan site that shows a lot of potential.

SithKitten's Jeremiah Fansite
I found this site because of it's FanFic (which I don't read but have heard good things about). It has a detailed list of character traits (for only two chars) and a bunch of great quotes.

Jeremiah @
It doesn't look like it is updated very often but it does have the basic info.

Jeremiah @
Pretty lean on the info scale but a spiffy looking site.

The Jeremiah Logbook
It looks like it mostly has episode descriptions and reviews but it doesn't look like it gets updated that often.

Jeremiah Comic Book Covers
Information and cover art for the original comic book series.

Jim on the Web - Jeremiah
An even better source for the original comic book art as well as translated titles and summaries from the German translation of this comic series. on Hermann Huppen
A short bio on Hermann Huppen which also has some images of what I assume are from the original comic book series.

Sean Astin's Unofficial Web Site
If you want to know more about Sean Astin (the guy who plays Mister Smith) this is a great little site with news, photos, clips, bios on him and his family and more.

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