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DVD: Jeremiah (Season 1)
Format: DVD -- Region: 1 -- Rated: NR -- Length: 886 minutes -- Released: Jan 2004
Amazon Price: $26.99 -- List Price: $39.98 -- Save: $12.99 (32%) -- Usually ships in 24 hours
Click for larger image DESCRIPTION:
A stunning sci-fi epic that re-envisions the future of mankind, this top-rated, action-packed original series is intriguing, fascinating and deep and intense... Luke Perry stars as Jeremiah, one of the many young survivors of the Big Death that claimed the lives of every adult in the world 15 years ago. Now forging his way through a bleak wilderness fraught with danger and conspiracy, Jeremiah and his most trusted friend, Kurdy (Malcolm-Jamal Warner), are plunged into thrilling adventures that test every facet of their humanity... and ultimately the fate of the human race itself!

MGM Home Entertainment has announced that the first season of JEREMIAH will be arriving on DVD on January 20, 2004. JEREMIAH - SEASON ONE will retail for $79.96 US / $99.96 CDN and arrive in stores on January 20, 2004. There is no information about a Region 2 release at this time.

This six DVD set will include (preliminary listing):


One of the best speculative fiction shows (4/5 stars)
Why only four stars? Well, I have to knock it down a bit for Sam Egan's episodes because while they did improve as the season went on, they just could never compare to JMS'. I hope in the coming seasons a writer will be able to jump on board and pick up the reins where JMS left off and keep the momentum going. Also, I was a bit disappointed to see that it is not being presented in Widescreen as that would have been the smarter move for MGM to make.

The premise might not be for everyone as it is a dark and grim view of our future but the underlying message is about hope. The characters in this series are at a crossroads -- they can continue to prey off the remains of the "old world" until there is nothing left or they can try to rebuild their world into something better than what came before them.

Season one was a bit of a bumpy ride and perhaps had a slow start but it was worth it in the end. I followed this show after being a fan of Babylon 5 for many years and knew it was going to be worth it if I just held out long enough. Boy, was I was right!

It was fun to pay attention to the little details that were semi-hidden on the first viewing, only to discover that they all contributed to the greater arc of the show. Even the "bad" episodes all tied into the larger picture and became part of a wonderful tapestry called, JEREMIAH.

Some of my favorite episodes that had my head spinning for days at the numerous possibilities presented were Firewall, Tripwire and the two-part season finale: Things Left Unsaid (Part 1) & Things Left Unsaid (Part 2).

If you haven't had a chance to see this show, I strongly urge you to check out this series, as it is one of the most thought-provoking and intelligent shows produced. Give it a season and if you aren't hooked by the end, return it or donate it to your local library. However, I have a feeling that you will either tune into Showtime to see season two or you will be anxiously awaiting the next season.s set to arrive at your door.

I read on the net -- was never informed by MGM -- that Jeremiah will be coming to DVD in January or February of next year.

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Season 1 Boxed Set
Season 1 Boxed Set
(Jeremiah DVD)
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