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#14) Tripwire Season 1

We will try to collect as much information about each episode here before it airs and then fill in what we could not afterwards. There will most likely be some minor spoilers when we analyze each episode since it is just too hard to avoid them completely.

This is an important episode and this analysis possibly reveals more about the arc and plot than others on this site. If you have not seen this episode yet, please consider this carefully before reading any further.

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#14) Tripwire
Orig Air Date  :  May.31.2002     Written By  :  J. Michael Straczynski     Length  :  45 mins
Production Code  :  112     Director  :  Neill Fearnley     Rated  :  TV14
Theo Rating: 8.7   Votes: 43   Rank: 10/25   [ Vote ]
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Markus begins forging alliances with those strong enough to oppose Valhalla Sector forces, including the residents of the nearby town of Danbury, which still contains a nuclear arsenal. Markus believes that Valhalla Sector may plan a military take-over, which raises questions about Jeremiah's father. A sniper and the mysterious Ezekiel raise further doubts.

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  • Luke Perry as Jeremiah  Episode Photos
  • Malcolm-Jamal Warner as Kurdy  Episode Photos

  • Peter Stebbings as Markus Alexander  Episode Photos
  • Byron Lawson as Lee Chen  Episode Photos
  • Ingrid Kavelaars as Erin
  • Kwesi Ameyaw as Samuel  Episode Photos
  • Robert Wisden as Devon  Episode Photos
  • Alex Zahara Ezekiel  Episode Photos
  • Daniel Pepper as First Team Guy  Episode Photos
  • Jared Van Snellenberg as Damien  Episode Photos
  • Devin Douglas Drewitz as Young Jeremiah  Episode Photos

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I was stunned. I sat there for the entire credits to roll, jaw open and unable to say anything but gibberish. I have to give kudos to Showtime for not squishing the credits or doing voice overs for next weeks episode. I really needed that time to absorb everything that happened ... especially those last few seconds.

This was a superb episode all around and we can see that it is laying down some important groundwork for the season finale. It also weaved in major story elements from the key episodes we have seen so far: "The Long Road (Part 1)", "... And the Ground, Sown With Salt", and "Firewall". This makes it one of the top three episodes I have seen so far!

I loved the banter between Jeremiah and Kurdy in this episode. The "You think" comments and the whole "Jesus nailed to a cross" conversation were some of my favorites. I am still trying to figure out Lee Chen and why he has Markus' trust. We saw Lee say things that Markus cringed or objected to but Markus seems to do little else to keep him in check. I am not entirely convinced that he is truely working for TM or if he is some sort of spy for VS or even both. He is one tough nut to crack.

Since I am not convinced that Lee is the leak inside TM (the hints are a bit too obvious), I have been looking elsewhere for clues. In fact, some subtle hints were left in this episode which might lead to something. There was a man from TM which I saw three times in this episode who I think could be the leak (or at least working with the leak. The first was in the debriefing (look over Jeremiah's head to the left) that Markus, Erin and Lee gave to the search and recon teams. The second time was when TM was helping out Danbury with medical supplies. Finally, we see him again on a walkie-talking at the end telling someone that TM was leaving the area. Even if he is just a lackey for someone more important, it is still quite interesting isn't it?

We also learned some important things like the fact that Ezekiel's father apparently "killed the world" and that it was "his fault". To me that sounds like it was an accident rather than anything malicious but we aren't really given enough information to determine that. Also, we can assume that Valhalla Sector is located somewhere in southern Virginia and that they have been making a warpath directly toward Thunder Mountain. Ezekiel told Jeremiah that he was raised by Jeremiah's father as his son and that is why he considers them as brothers. Ezekiel also told Jeremiah that his father is working to help save the world. Whether that proves to be true, we have yet to find out.

I cannot wait for the last batch of episodes and especially the season finale to see how it all plays out!


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  • What has Jeremiah forgotten? Was it what Kurdy reminded him about his father?
  • Why does Lee Chen think Jeremiah will be the fall of Thunder Mountain?
  • Why doesn't Jeremiah tell Markus about the conversation he saw between Lee and Ezekiel? Also, it seems that Jeremiah hasn't told Markus about seeing Ezekiel inside TM ... why?
  • If Damien knew that Markus was going to get shot, why didn't he try to prevent it?
  • What does Ezekiel mean when he is "sometimes not himself"? Does he have a split personality or something similar?
  • Now that we know that Ezekiel's father "killed the world" ... Was it an accident or was it on purpose?
  • Will Jeremiah back off from his search for Valhalla Sector or will it lead to the fall of Thunder Mountain like Lee predicted?
  • Who is the leak in Thunder Mountain? Is it Lee, someone on one of the field teams or someone else that we don't yet suspect?
  • What or who changed Samuel's mind about working with Thunder Mountain?
  • What happened to Damien and why?
  • Who was the guy on the walkie-talkie at the end? Is he from Vahalla Sector, the leak inside Thunder Mountain or both?
  • How is Thunder Mountain going to survive the upcoming assault from Valhalla Sector and will they have enough time to prepare?
  • What do the last few seconds of this episode mean?

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See all photos from this episode and read our collection of favorite quotes as well.

Another crucial arc story, "Tripwire," airs next Friday. This is one to definitely see if you're thinking of following the show.

I suspect that the "excepts" credit was for the flashbacks from earlier episodes, but I'm a bit confused as to why they're credited separately, since they were all written by you.

It's apparently a rule under the Writers Guild of Canada, where we shoot the series, to ensure that all prior work is properly credited, whoever the author might or might not be.

I was wondering if there was something edited out that would have shown us more about the Damien character. By the time we saw him onscreen, he was already making Lee Chen nervous.

No, that's all there was. The nervousness was supposed to be more Lee's unease because of the way Lee's eyes looked, but the director shot the whole thing with his shades on, so you kinda lost that effect.

Also, was that his glasses broken on the desk behind Samuel when he was turning Markus and the TM crew away?

Yes. The director basically shot it from as far away as possible without leaving the building, so it was hard to tell. We blew up the shot and repositioned it as best we can, but it was still kinda vague.

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