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#12) The Touch Season 1

We will try to collect as much information about each episode here before it airs and then fill in what we could not afterwards. There will most likely be some minor spoilers when we analyze each episode since it is just too hard to avoid them completely.

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#12) The Touch
Orig Air Date  :  May.17.2002     Written By  :  Sam Egan     Length  :  45 mins
Production Code  :  104     Director  :  Michael Robison     Rated  :  TV14
Theo Rating: 6.7   Votes: 38   Rank: 31/25   [ Vote ]
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Kurdy and Jeremiah enter a town where paranoia about the Big Death has led to a law against touching and sex, a restriction that is fomenting a violent rebellion. Meanwhile, Markus's flu sparks a battle for power.

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  • Luke Perry as Jeremiah  Episode Photos
  • Malcolm-Jamal Warner as Kurdy  Episode Photos

  • Peter Stebbings as Markus Alexander
  • Byron Lawson as Lee Chen
  • Ingrid Kavelaars as Erin
  • JR Bourne as Stenn  Episode Photos
  • Jesse Moss as Neal Deveraux  Episode Photos
  • Kirby Morrow as Angus Deveraux  Episode Photos
  • Amber Rothwell as Karin Lewis  Episode Photos
  • Gabrielle Miller as Naomi  Episode Photos
  • Jimmy Herman as The Apparition  Episode Photos
  • Kirsten Prout as Elayna  Episode Photos
  • Michéle Bogdanow as Bess (Nicky's mother)
  • Justin Callan as Nicky (boy on bike)  Episode Photos
  • Martin Sims as Raymond Jaglom (Council Member)
  • Michael Eklund as Vernon Diggs  Episode Photos
  • Ellen Ewusie as Marta  Episode Photos
  • Darren Ghoo as Mine Guard
  • Reese McBeth as Doctor

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  • The cloaked pallbearers of the new world were supposed to appear in this episode along with Ezekiel.
  • This episode was originally written on Oct.12.2001.

Out of all the episodes shown to this point, this is the weakest one by far. Still, it is much better than a lot of content that makes it to the television screen.

This episode was produced early on in the season since it has a low production number and I often wondered why they waited so long to show it. Now I can see why. The overall story was lacking and the story elements didn't come together in a compelling way. There was a tiny bit of Jeremiah's past that we see but how it relates to the story or what it meant escaped me. I also wished that more attention was paid to the motivations behind the killing of the town of Mayfield and the apparent "experiment" that was taking place in that area. Finally, what was the deal with Markus seeing an Indian spirit guide?

I also have two minor nitpicks that I couldn't help but comment on. The first was a minor continutity glitche when Kurdy said that it had been "too long, much too long" since he had touched a woman when in fact, he kissed Elizabeth in last week's episode. Also, it looked like he was making progress with Elizabeth and here he is scouting for other women. Then there was a really bad fight scene between Kurdy and the men with sticks. There was just way too much corny dialog and not enough of Kurdy fighting. Plus, there was a stunt where Kurdy is hit in the back with a stick, he turns to look at the attacker and then reacts to the hit. It was shown in slow motion so it made it really obvious that the timing was off.

The side story about Markus getting ill and the controversy over the line of succession at Thunder Mountain was interesting. Too bad we didn't get anything really solid out of it. Obviously Erin doesn't trust Lee but why does Markus?

Oh well, I will chalk this one up to the fact that this was Sam Egan's first episode that he wrote and produced and that he must not have gotten a feel for the series yet. It probably wasn't as -bad- as I made it out to be but it certainly wasn't a -great- one either.

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  • What would Lee have done if the council voted him next in succession?
  • What did message that the Indian in Markus' vision mean? What darkness will befall Markus? What great night?
  • Why didn't they stone Karin to death too?
  • Was Stenn really behind the "experiment" or was there someone or something else bigger?
  • Who takes care of Meaghan when Markus can't? Erin?

See all photos from this episode and read our collection of favorite quotes as well.

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Mercenaries (Vol. 2)
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