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Always Changing Probably

This is without a doubt my (Monica's) favorite band. I am not entirely sure why ... it probably has to do with the melodies, the lyrics, they sound awsome live, they are not overproduced, they are fun guys and so on.

I have been a fan ever since my college roommate convinced me to go with her to a concert in Vancouver, BC back in 1994. Now, it is a bit sad to see them breakup but I suppose all good things must end eventually. It was time for them to go their separate ways and I wish success to all four of them (Glen, Dean, Todd and Randy -- *my fav*) in whatever endevors they pursue. The only thing that saddens me a little is not being able to hear them perform live again, which was one of their best qualities.

I want to share the wonderful music of Toad and so I created this section in order to make it easier for people to find and buy Toad music, books and videos and more!

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Solo Albums UPDATED:  7.1.2003
I have finally created a page just for their solo work since their breakup since it doesn't look like they will be reuniting any time soon.
Toad Albums UPDATED:  7.1.2003
The entire collection of albums that Toad released from Columbia Records. Listed in chronolocial order with reviews from Monica.
Toad Singles UPDATED:  7.21.2003
A farily comprehensive collection of singles and maxi-singles that Toad released from Columbia Records. Listed in chronolocial order with reviews from Monica.
Toad Soundtracks UPDATED:  7.1.2003
This should be a complete listing of all the Soundtracks that a Toad the Wet Sprocket song has appeared on.
Videos and DVDs UPDATED:  7.1.2003
I am working on a list of all the videos and DVDs that has had a Toad song played (for example, background music) or featured in (like on a soundtrack).
Miscellaneous Items UPDATED:  7.1.2003
Lots of stuff varying from guitar sheet music to videos to CD's where various Toad member's have lent their vocals to. Many a thanks goes out to Darren Phaneuf and his Toad Discography page where I got many leads on what kinds of stuff a true, die-hard fan might enjoy getting their hands on.
Help Me Expand My Collection UPDATED:  7.1.2003
I am trying to gather my own collection of Toad songs so I can make music CD's for my listening enjoyment. Either there is an album out there that I am not willing to pay for the one song that I want or the album is just a bit too hard to get a hold of. There is a list of what I am looking for and what I am willing to do to get a hold of it.
Donation Information UPDATED:  7.1.2003
I earn a small amount of money each time someone buys something from®. I will donate 100% of my earnings from the TOAD section of The Abyss and you can read more about it on this page. I just made my second donation to RAINN so I am serious!
Links UPDATED:  7.1.2003
This is my collection of links to other Toad sites and also a list of the many wonderful people who have helped make these pages possible.

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No Surrender, No Retreat - Season 4 Boxed Set
No Surrender, No Retreat - Season 4 Boxed Set
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