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#20) Things Left Unsaid (Part 2) Season 1

We will try to collect as much information about each episode here before it airs and then fill in what we could not afterwards. There will most likely be some minor spoilers when we analyze each episode since it is just too hard to avoid them completely.

This is an important episode and this analysis possibly reveals more about the arc and plot than others on this site. If you have not seen this episode yet, please consider this carefully before reading any further.

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#20) Things Left Unsaid (Part 2)
Orig Air Date  :  Jul.19.2002     Written By  :  J. Michael Straczynski     Length  :  45 mins
Production Code  :  118     Director  :  Mike Vejar     Rated  :  TV14
Theo Rating: 9.7   Votes: 55   Rank: 1/25   [ Vote ]
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In their mission to create a better world and forge stronger ties with other groups, Erin and Markus head to St. Louis for a big conference. Jeremiah goes to Millhaven, a place Ezekiel cautions him to avoid at all costs, and finds a guide there who can tell him all the answers he's longed to hear about his elusive father.

Full episode summary and viewer comments >>>


  • Luke Perry as Jeremiah
  • Malcolm-Jamal Warner as Kurdy  Episode Photos

  • Peter Stebbings as Markus Alexander
  • Kim Hawthorne as Theo
  • Ingrid Kavelaars as Erin  Episode Photos
  • Jody Racicot as Wiley  Episode Photos
  • Kandyse McClure as Elizabeth Munroe  Episode Photos
  • Robert Wisden as Devon  Episode Photos
  • Dion Johnstone as Nathan  Episode Photos
  • Alex Zahara as Ezekiel  Episode Photos
  • Simon Wong as Phil
  • Sophie Olson as Cheerleader  Episode Photos
  • Peter Grier as Driver
  • Ben Cotton as Bartender  Episode Photos
  • Phillip Mitchell as Guy  Episode Photos
  • Rob Hayter as Soldier

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I don't know if I could have said it better than Channe when she said, "Jeremiah is an artichoke." See the link at the end of this review to read her review and explaination of that description. Basically, to sum it all up ... they blew shit up and a lot of people died. There was also a ton of information that ties the entire season together right from the pilot to last week's episode. It answered some huge questions but it also left some others open and raised a few new ones as well.

In last week's episode, my heart was racing in anticipation of what was going to happen next but during this episode, it was racing again for a different reason. I could sense the impending doom which started with with Elizabeth wounded and my heart just kept sinking from there. All during the episode, a voice in the back of my head was saying, "You have to warn Markus!", knowing that it wasn't going to happen. Even though I had a good idea about what was ahead, I was still glued to my seat to see how exactly the characters were going to get there.

It was wonderful to finally see just how much Kurdy felt about Elizabeth. Kurdy doesn't seem to care about many things or people but when it does happen, he feels deeply and strongly. Malcolm's performance during that scene was so powerful that it just took my breath away. Also, we now know what poem he was working on at the beginning of last week's episode. I only wish we could have known what it said.

There were only a few nitpicky things in this episode and I couldn't help but draw a parallel with Ezekiel's warning to Jeremiah, "Do not go to Millhaven, Jeremiah!" which sounded too much like Kosh's warning to Sheridan in Babylon 5, "If you go to Z'ha'dum you will die." Then there were two editing and/or transmission errors. The first was during the end of the Kurdy and Elizabeth scene when the music suddenly cut out which made for a jarring transition. Even so, it still was a wonderful scene (most likely an editing problem). Finally, another error occurred when Wiley was telling Jeremiah about New Delhi when a few frames of a scene from another movie called, "AntiTrust" appeared (most likely a transmission error).

Besides those minor things, the last five or ten minutes of the episode were just awesome. The tension and gunfire at the assembly ... Jeremiah being chased by helicopters ... Kurdy trying to reach Jeremiah ... Ezekiel ... and so much more. Even the music was perfect! One of my favorite sequences were the ones with just the sound of a heart beat and the strobe light shots of everyone getting captured. Then, they ended it all with the slamming of a door at the end. I was stunned. Man, am I really going to enjoy watching this series again from the beginning!

Read Channe's review on B5LR's (now message board.


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  • What did Kurdy's poem to Elizabeth say?
  • Who sabotaged Elizabeth's radio? The Valhalla Sector men who were following her?
  • Who were the 4-5 people that Wiley told but never heard from again?
  • Why hasn't Jeremiah's last name been revealed by now? Is it just suspense until season two or does it hold some bigger meaning?
  • How many enemies does VS have and who are they?
  • An "illegal assembly"? By what law and whose authority?
  • Is Ezekiel really dead or just wounded?
  • Did Theo get killed, get captured or escape somehow?
  • Who will take Marcus' place at Thunder Mountain now that almost everyone at the top has either left or been captured?
  • How will Kurdy get around without the rover and a gunshot to his shoulder?
  • Will Jeremiah join up with Valhalla Sector now that he has found his dad?
  • Will Jeremiah be angry with his father for being alive and not contacting him after all this time or will he just glad to see him?

See all photos from this episode and read our collection of favorite quotes as well.

The main thing was testing out directors, testing the storyline, and finding what worked and didn't work. And I found some approaches that worked very well for us in the tone and tenor of shows like Firewall and ... And the Ground, Sown With Salt and the two parters.

Mike Vejar's directing, I think, set the one for what to strive for in terms of the intensity of the directing on one hand, but also the character moments that he found, and in terms of being a little more visually interesting with the camera.

It's probably the biggest thing we've shot to date. It pulls together a lot of threads from the whole season into one big tapestry. It changes forever the nature of the show. Mike Vejar directed it [and] he's one of my favorite directors. It's just huge. It's bigger than our pilot. More locations, more stunts ... everything!

The satellites are still in orbit, and still available to anyone with the power to get to them.

And as for accessing them from inside the both cases, we clearly see Markus (or Lee) plugging the phone (a smaller version of the contemporary sat-phones) into a plug marked EXT. ANT. for exterior antenna.

Nick [Nicholas Charles Wilkes] was a PA who worked on the series, and was well liked by everyone on the show. He died in a car accident on the way to work while we were shooting TLU part one. Everybody felt very strongly that he deserved notation here.

["Things Left Unsaid"] (directed by Mike Vejar, our good luck charm on B5 who did our best episodes) is pretty much nonstop intensity and action and character stuff end to end. [...] [O]f all the things I've written and produced, this may be the best thing I've ever been involved with, from a production standpoint and much of the writing. We kind of got pulled back a bit after the events of 9/11 put a damper on the television business in terms of the kinds of stories one can tell, but we really got this puppy back up on the rails again with the two parter, which is emblematic of what we'll do in a second year.

Mike's directing our two part season finale, "Things Left Unsaid."

[F]inishing post production on our last batch of episodes, including the two-part finale "Things Left Unsaid," which Mike Vejar directed and it's just *killer*. Of all the things I've ever done, and I'm including B5 in this, on an invidual basis this may be the best thing I've ever done, certainly the most ambitious. It's just frikkin' HUGE, the performances are great, the story moves ahead by leaps and bounds, I'm just *real* happy with it.

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