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#8 Crossing Jordan Season 2

We will try to collect as much information about each episode here before it airs and then fill in what we could not afterwards. There will most likely be some minor spoilers when we analyze each episode since it is just too hard to avoid them completely.

This is an important episode and this analysis possibly reveals more about the arc and plot than others on this site. If you have not seen this episode yet, please consider this carefully before reading any further.

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#8) Crossing Jordan
Orig Air Date  :  2004     Written By  :  J. Michael Straczynski     Length  :  45 mins
Production Code  :  209     Director  :  Mario Azzopardi     Rated  :  TV14
Theo Rating: 9.5   Votes: 13   Rank: 2/25   [ Vote ]
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Thunder Mountain is bringing new towns into the Alliance, drawing Daniel's attention and bringing Mister Smith a vision too awful to contemplate.

Full episode summary and viewer comments >>>

This episode first aired in Canada on Dec.1.2003 and for more information about the Canadian season two schedule, visit our Episode Guide.


  • Luke Perry as Jeremiah  Episode Photos
  • Malcolm-Jamal Warner as Kurdy  Episode Photos
  • Sean Astin as Mister Smith  Episode Photos
  • Joanne Kelly as Libby  Episode Photos

  • John Pyper-Ferguson as Sims
  • Michael Teigen as Frank
  • Ocean Hellman as Barbara
  • Kirsten Williamson as Shelia
  • Jon Cuthbert as Rod
  • Stephen Park as David
  • Matthew Kurrie Holms as Keith
  • Dean Marshall as Gary
  • C.J. Jackman-Zigante as Woman with Basket
  • Alessandro Juliani as Voice of Daniel

See all photos from this episode.

On Jeremiah, we're about to start on episode 7, "Voices in the Dark," and I just finished writing 8 and 9, "Crossing Jordan" and "Running on Empty."

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