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Jeremiah News and Photo Archives (Cont.)

MGM - Web Poll Results: Jeremiah
In MGM's February 2003 SciFi Newsletter, the readers voted on their favorite episode from season one. Interestingly, the number one episode is the same one rated number one at THE ABYSS as well!

MGM - Holiday Happenings: On Holiday with MGM Television Stars
In MGM's February 2003 SciFi Newsletter, the cast of Jeremiah talk about what they did during their week long holiday from shooting in Vancouver, BC.

MGM - Meeting Mister Smith
In MGM's February 2003 SciFi Newsletter, the "Lord of the Rings" co-star Sean Astin talks about his new role on Jeremiah.

Comics2Film - 2002: What A Year For Fans!
On Jan.1.2003, Comics2Film gave an overview of the last year on how well the comics converted to TV or movies fared. We were happy to read that Jeremiah made it to #4! Of course, Spider-Man took the number one spot.

Variety - Showtime Revs Series, Slims Telepix
On Dec.19.2002, Variety talks about the plans that Showtime has for it's upcoming series and movies. Things don't look good for "Odyssey 5" as they are reportedly only keeping one Sci-Fi series which will be Jeremiah since it has already gotten the renewal announcement.

IGN Filmforce - An Interview with Sean Astin
On Dec.18.2002, IGN Filmforce conducted an interview with Sean Astin. They mostly talked about the Lord of the Rings movies but there were a few tid bits about Jeremiah as well.

Comics2Film - Current News Bits
On Dec.11.2002, Platinum Studios Chief Scott Rosenberg told Comics2Film that production on the second season of Jeremiah is currently underway, and talks a bit about Sean Astin. There is still no premiere date set.

SciFi Wire - Astin Joins Jeremiah Cast
On Dec.5.2002, SciFi Wire had a brief conversation with Astin about his upcoming role on Jeremiah as well as how he landed the role and why he took it.

MGM - Star Quips
In MGM's December 2002 SciFi Newsletter, they are going to let the readers ask Malcolm-Jamal Warner (Kurdy) a question which he will answer in the next issue. Send your question to

Comics2Film - Malcolm-Jamal Warner Rocks Jeremiah Series
On Nov.6.2002, Comics2Film finally published their interview with Malcolm-Jamal Warner (Kurdy) and Malcolm had some interesting things to say about what is in store for us in season two.

Variety - Joanne Kelly
On Nov.11.2002, Variety reported that a new cast member has been added to Jeremiah, "Thesp, who will play a potential love interest for Jeremiah."

SciFi2K - November 2002 News Archives
On Nov.16.2002, SciFi2K had an update about Grant Rosenberg's activities on the set of Jeremiah. He has written at least one script while JMS will write about 13 (out of 15).

MGM - 'JEREMIAH' Gears Up for Season 2
In MGM's November 2002 Newsletter, they talk about Sean Astin being added to the cast as well as a summary of season one and information about Astin's showbiz history. - 'JEREMIAH' Quest Continues as Popular Sci-Fi Series is Renewed for 2003
On Oct.2.2003, Showtime finally gave the official announcement of the series renewal that we have all been hearing rumors about. Also, they said Sean Astin will be added as a series regular! There were a few other sites that confirmed this news as well: SciFi Wire, Zap2it and Variety.

SciFi2kK - September 2002 News Archives
On Sep.21.2002, SciFi2k reports that Grant Rosenberg was hired to replace Sam Egan and they knew on August 27th that Jeremiah's second season was a go. Good job Tim Blackwell and team!

Comics2Film - Jeremiah Renewed For Second Season!
On Sep.19.2002, Comics2Film reported the second season renewal after talking to Malcolm-Jamal Warner (who plays Kurdy) for an upcoming interview. Looks like he let it slip! Oops for Showtime, good for us.

SciDi Weekly - 2002 Fall SF TV Preview: Part II
In issue #282 (September 16, 2002), SciFi Weekly ran an article about the upcoming shows for the next year. They had a small review from SciFi Weekly (scan for it in the middle of the article). It mirrors our suspicion about the fate of next season and how it is tied with Odyssey 5's success. The good thing? It is in their "Returning and Continuing Shows" section.

SciFi Weekly - The Future Isn't What It Used to Be
In issue #276 (August 5, 2002), SciFi Weekly's Cassutt Files article confirms the renewal of Jeremiah. Looks like Jermeiah just "squeaked into a second season".

Tachyon TV - JMS Fans Shocked When 'Jeremiah' Fails to Get Canceled
The paradoy site, Tachyon TV, took a stab at Jeremiah's fandom and JMS' abilities to keep a show afloat in their July-August parody issue. - Production Shot Archive
One of our favorite features on the Showtime site is the Production Shot Archive, which features pictures of the actual making of each episode. We thought the photos that were especially interesting were the ones from "Out of the Ashes".

Comics2Film - Jeremiah: A Look At Season 1
On Jul.17.2002, Comics2Film posted an interesting and postive review of the first season of Jeremiah. Hope these kind of reviews keep happening!

MGM - Malcolm-Jamal Warner brings humor and humanity to Jeremiah
In MGM's June 2002 Newsletter, Malcolm talks about his character on Jeremiah and how "The Cosby Show" helped influence and shape his career.

MGM - Guest Stars Shine on Jeremiah
WARNING: This article reveals some major plot points in the season one finale! In MGM's June 2002 Newsletter, they talk about the major guest stars that have appeared in episodes like The Bag, Firewall, and Things Left Unsaid (Part 1).

MGM - More Than He Seems
In MGM's June 2002 Newsletter, Alex Zahara talks about his guest roles on Stargate SG-1, his role in the Babylon 5 movie "To Live and Die in Starlight", and what's in store for Ezekiel on Jeremiah.

MGM - Peter Stebbings Feels the Responsibility of playing Jeremiah's Markus Alexander
In MGM's June 2002 Newsletter, Peter talks about his role of Markus Alexander and what makes him tick. He also hints about his relationship with Meaghan might be more than meets the eye!

MGM - Ingrid Kavelaars, who plays Erin on Jeremiah, is not just 'one of the boys'
In MGM's June 2002 Newsletter, Ingrid tells us more about Erin and how she might have her own ideas about running Thunder Mountain.

MGM - Meet Byron Lawson, who plays Jeremiah's enigma, Lee Chen
In MGM's June 2002 Newsletter, Byron talks about his character Lee Chen and hints that he might have a "hidden agenda". Not even Bryon knows where his character is going!

scifidimensions - Jeremiah: Birds of Prey Review
On Jun.7.2002, Michael Vance gives a positive review of the two-issue reprint series Jeremiah: Birds of Prey and says it is "worth seeking out".

Variety - 'Queer' Goes Straight to Two-Year Renewal
On Jun.3.2002, Variety reports some solid ratings for their top rated series. Jeremiah averaged a 2.6 rating for the month of April which was just behind Stargate SG-1 which averaged a 3.2 rating for the same time period.

MGM - On the set photos
A nice little collection of photos from the following episodes: City of Roses, To Sail Beyond the Stars, Firewall, and The Bag. Check back each week to see if they add more!

MGM - Tai Guest Stars On Jeremiah
A funny little article about the trials and tribulations of casting a special guest star for an upcoming episode. This one you just have to read to believe. ;)

MGM - 90210 Redux on the set of Jeremiah
In their April (Volume 6) Newsletter, they have an article about Jason Priestley and his role on "... And the Ground, Sown With Salt". The first half of the article talk about the phenomenon of 90210 and how Perry and Priestley became friends. The second half talks about the episode and reveals some minor plot lines. Don't read it if you don't want to be spoiled!

scifidimensions - Jeremiah Pilot Episode: 'The Long Road' Review
In March 2002, the editor of SciFi Dimensions published a review of Jeremiah's pilot episode, The Long Road (Part 1). Most of the review is a summary of the episode(s) so skip to the last paragraph for the meat of the review.

Comics2Film - Jeremiah Comics Headed For U.S.
On Mar.8.2002, Comics2Film reported that the comics that Jeremiah were based on are going to be released again in the USA. Good marketing and it looks like they were waiting to see how well the pilot was received. A good sign indeed!

Meeting Jeremiah (Part Two)
On Mar.2.2002, posted part two of a two part article on Jeremiah. I thought it was interesting to read how Peter Stebbings plays Markas Alexander.

Cinescape - Meeting Jeremiah (Part One)
On Mar.1.2002, posted part one of a two part article about the upcoming show, Jeremiah. It was interesting to read that they were working on adding another 90210 alum (Shannon Doherty) to the shows list of guest stars.

Comics2Film - Jeremiah Kick Fan's Ass
On Feb.27.2002, Comics2Film reported on the various advertising and promotional campaigns taking place for Jeremiah. From online to major print media to television to retailers ... this is exciting news!

SciFi Weekly - Jeremiah Review
On Feb.26.2002, SciFi Weekly published a review of the pilot, The Long Road (Part 1). There are some spoilers and plot points revealed but it still makes you want to watch the story. Skip down to the "A familiar world made brave and new" headline if you want to avoid any spoilers. Overall grade: B+

SciFi Wire - Perry Likes Jeremiah Edgy
On Feb.22.2002, there was a report from SciFi Wire which quotes Luke Perry about how edgy the show will be and what we can look forward to seeing. He was disappointed that the pilot was toned down and said, "We shot a much edgier, riskier show than what I saw tonight." Still, it sounds like there is hope that the future episodes will be pushing the limits of cable network television.

Cahners - Showtime's 'Jeremiah' Justifies Second Watch
SavantB5 posted a recent review of Jeremiah to the forums. It is an overall positive review and does reveal some plot points of The Long Road (Part 1). You can also read people's comments as well.

Strip Art Comics on Jeremiah
We are not sure when this was published but it has your basic information about Jeremiah that came out of the MGM press release. However, it also has a quote from Hermann Huppen, the creator of the comic book which the TV show is based on. Strip Art Comics is a Slovenia based publisher who has been responsible for bringing Hermann Huppen's comic to the rest of the world.

Sci Fi Wire - Perry Talks Jeremiah
On Feb.7.2002, SciFi Wire gave a brief report on what Luke Perry said to TV Guide Online about the show.

Sci Fi Wire - History Informs Jeremiah
On Feb.5.2002, SciFi Wire gave a nice summary of the interview that JMS had with MGM's newsletter.

MGM - Jeremiah Graphic Novel Photos
In MGM's February 2002 Newsletter, they posted exclusive selected art pieces from the Jeremiah Graphic Novel Series.

Comics Continuum - Photos and News
On Jan.23.2002, Comics Continuum posted a good summary along with lots of photos from the series and the original comic book.

MGM - Exclusive Photos on Jeremiah
In MGM's December 2001 Newsletter, they posted a "Jeremiah Sneak Peek" article which featuers the stars Luke Perry "Jeremiah" and Malcolm-Jamal Warner "Kurdy" on the set of the upcoming two-hour premiere episode, The Long Road.

MGM - Stars of Jeremiah
In MGM's September 2001 Newsletter, they posted bios and photos of Luke Perry (Jeremiah), Malcolm-Jamal Warner (Kurdy), Tricia Helfer (Sarah) and Alex Zahara (Ezekiel).

Hollywood Reporter - Perry, Warner Find Future In Sci-Fi 'Jeremiah'
On Jul.29.2001, the Hollywood Reporter announced the go ahead order of 20 episodes of Jeremiah and will star Luke Perry ("Beverly Hills 90210") and Malcolm-Jamal Warner ("The Cosby Show"). Production on the series is set to begin on September 4th, 2001 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

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