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The Abyss will run promotions at various times where you can win Jeremiah stuff! The promotions are usually easy to do and you can get some neat Jeremiah memorabilia. Read the instructions below to participate in any current promotions. If you have something you would like to donate or an idea for a promotion, please drop us a line.

NOTE: If there is a lack of interest in any promotion, The Abyss reserves the right to substitute a lesser prize or withdraw the promotion entirely. We have also had problems with mailing items outside North America. We will send prizes outside North America at our sole discretion but we will try very hard to ship worldwide. Void where prohibited.

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Generate Jeremiah Buzz Promotion
FINISHED! Our promotion is now over and we thank everyone who participated. There were well over 3000 emails that were sent out that we were cc'd on and a number of letters and phone calls as well. We certainly caused some buzz at the offices of the three studios involved: Showtime, MGM and Platinum Studios. Let's just hope they chose to act on our wishes!

We are still tring to get a hold of some winners so please check your email and respond if you get an email from us. In the meantime, here are the winners so far:

Our grand prize winner who won the Jeremiah DVD set was Markus' girl from Salzburg, Austria! She was chosen because she wrote one of the best letters and it really touched us to read it. Also, these people won the following prizes:

  • Kay Shapero from California, USA won the green "Ass-Kicking" t-shirt
  • Rakshi from SANET won the $25 from Amazon
  • Julia Bacher from Oklahoma, USA won the dark blue "Ass-Kicking" t-shirt
  • Eileen Mietz from New Jersey, USA won the maroon "Ass-Kicking" t-shirt
  • TBA

For the second half of our promotion, we have just emailed the winners so check your email and visit again in a few days to see who won!

  • TBA
  • TBA
  • TBA

On November 1, 2003, we needed to generate some Jeremiah buzz so we decided to run a promotion to help generate interest. After all, nothing motivates people more than a chance to win free Jeremiah stuff is there? This is what you need to do:

  1. Read about our Jeremiah Buzz Campaign to see what you can do to help.
  2. CC or forward your correspondance regarding "Jeremiah Buzz" to
  3. If you call in or talk to someone in person about Jeremiah, send us an email about your experience at

For -every- email you send, forward or copy us on that is related to generating "Jeremiah Buzz", you will be entered to win one of the following prizes:

DVD Boxed Set As an added incentive, a Jeremiah Season One Boxed Set DVD will be given away as well! Everyone who participates before November 15th, 2003 will be entered into this bonus drawing and it will be delivered to the winner when the set is released on Jan.20.2004. Remember, you will be entered for every correspondance you send, forward or copy us at We need to create a lot of noise as quickly as possible.

We will be drawing the winner for the DVD set and at least two other prizes on Nov.16.2003. For all emails sent between Nov.16.2003 and Dec.15.2003, two to five winners will be selected for the remaining prizes. Winners to be notified by email. We reserve the right to disqualify any entry if it doesn't relate to our "Jeremiah Buzz Campaign".

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Participate in Our Forums Promotion
FINISHED! We ended up with 143 registered members on Jul.31.2003 so that means we have selected at least five members of our forums and they will get to choose from the first five prizes listed below. Congratulations to our five winners and because we had duplicates of many of these prizes we had enough to award gifts to three runners up as well!

  1. Kaleb (Random Scottish Nutcase #3) won the Earth Alliance Uniform Pin
  2. Mertu (Sean O'Connell from Arizona, USA) won the Tribulations Novel
  3. fmewler (Michael R. Belanger from Toronto, Canada) won the Jeremiah Survival Kit
  4. wolfhound (Shaun from Florida, USA) won the Tribulations Novel
  5. kurdy27 (Jordi Seco Oller from Barcelona, Spain) won the Jeremiah: Gun in the Water Trade Paperback
  • Rubel (Allan Anderson from California, USA) won the Jeremiah Survival Kit
  • Siggy (International Woman of Mystery) won the Babylon 5 Station Pin
  • janmschroeder (Jan Schroeder from Florida, USA) won the Tribulations Novel

On Jun.15.2003, we said no more promotions until after season two starts but it has been so long in coming that we wanted to try something in the meantime. Also, we recently opened up our forums and would like more people to participate so we thought this would be a clever way to use up some of our prizes.

Here is the deal. The rules are simple and the more people that participate, the more prizes we will give away! To qualify for this promotion, all you have to do is:

  1. Register or log in to our forums.
  2. Post on our forums at least once between June.15.2003 and Jul.31.2003.

You will be entered into a drawing for at least one of the prizes listed below. You may only be entered into this drawing once but the more people enter, the more prizes get thrown into the pot. We will give out an additional prize for every twenty (20) people that register and post on our forums between Jun.15.2003 and Jul.31.2003. We currently have sixty (60) registered members on our forums so here is the schedule for the give-a-ways:

The Babylon 5 station pin is very well made with two clutch back pins. The EA Uniform pin is much heavier but it also has two clutch back pins. Both pins are items from the now defunct Official Fan Club and are copyright Warner Brothers.

The Jeremiah Survival Kit is full of things which may be handy to have if you ever survive an apocalypse. Inside an army green canvas sachet (about 4x5 inches) there is a bottle of hand sanitizer, peppermint breath mint sheets, a sewing kit, body lotion, Ibuprofen, clean towelette, antacid and a bandaid. These kits were given away as a season one promotional item so they are hard to get a hold of.

We have more than one quantity for many of these items so if we get more than 200 members participating on our boards then we will keep giving away prizes until we are out. That means we could give away over a dozen (12) items in this promotion!

Finally, we reserve the right to disqualify anyone who we think is cheating or behaves badly on our forums at our sole discretion. Other than that, good luck and see you on the boards!

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Design a T-shirt Promotion
SIGNED 9x11 inch Promo Ad FINISHED! This promotion is now over and marks the end of our give-a-ways until season two begins. It isn't because we have run out of things to part with and in fact is quite the contrary. The truth is that we have been disappointed in the lack of participation in the last few promotions. However, if you have an idea or just want them to continue, please drop us a line!

We actually have two winners for this promotion because we liked the submissions and wanted to use them both. Our true winner is Joey (aka CaptDS9E) who suggested a great idea for a t-shirt in the style of Babylon 5. Our runner up design comes from Mihaela (aka SheWhoFacesTheSun) which features Theo, our favorite Jeremiah character. Joey picked the ad signed by JMS and Mihaela chose the "Ass-Kicking" t-shirt in blue. Congratulations to both of you and we look forward to sharing the designs soon!

On November 7th, 2002, we announced yet another promotion. Design a T-shirt for our site and you could win one (1) of the following prizes:

  • One (1) 9x11 inch Jeremiah Promotional Ad -- SIGNED by J. Michael Straczynski!
  • Choice of a blue, green or maroon, long-sleeve "Ass-Kicking" T-shirt (size XL)
  • An exclusive and limited edition Jeremiah mouse pad
  • An original t-shirt that you designed!

T-shirt Back

The design must go on a white or light grey colored shirt and also must incorporate a quote from the show. You may enter as many designs as you like. However, all images and fonts must be copyright free. You will retain copyright on your design but you will allow us to brand and sell the design on our web site exclusively for one year after design has been completed according to our specifications. Send your designs to

Limited Edition Mouse Pad Need help with choosing a quote? Visit our list of Season One Favorite Quotes for ideas.

Interested yet? Listen carefully: Now, even though we mention t-shirts specifically, you may also choose any item that CafePress offers (excluding Premium Shop products). You can visit their Product Center for more ideas and product details.

This contest will end on December 7th, 2002 so let the creative juices flow!

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Jeremiah Newsletter Promotion
9x11 inch Promo Ad FINISHED! This promotion is now over and we would like to thank everyone who participated. We were not as happy with the participation in this promotion since only two people who took part in the referral portion. That means we will had to reduce the number of Promo Ads to one (1) and remove the Grand Prizes altogether. We have emailed the winner and thanked the people who participated in the referral portion of our promotion.

We will announce the winner soon, so please check back later.

Our many thanks to Jesse Jackson and Ken "DirkMaster" Schaefer for sending their referral information to us. When we get some more Jeremiah items, you can be sure they will be on our list to get some!

On September 22nd, 2002, we announded a new promotion. Tell your friends about our newsletter and have them sign up -- you will be entered to win one of these prizes. Here are the details:

All members of the newsletter group by October 31st, 2002 will be entered into a drawing for one of these five (5) Jeremiah promotional ads (see photo, above left). Pretty easy isn't it? Do nothing but be a member of the newsletter group for a chance to win something!

T-shirt Back We are also holding a Grand Prize drawing which will be the winner's choice of a blue, green or maroon, long-sleeve "Ass-Kicking" T-shirt (size XL) from Showtime's kick off promotion of the show. In addition to this t-shirt, the winner will also receive an exclusive and limited edition (only six were ever made!) Jeremiah mouse pad.

Limited Edition Mouse Pad Interested yet? Listen carefully:

To be entered for the Grand Prize, all you have to do is tell someone about the newsletter and have them join up! Talk about what a great resource our newsletter is, perhaps even the reasons why you think it would be beneficial for them to join, a description of the prizes and the following instructions:

  • Sign up for the Jeremiah Newsletter, From the Valhalla Sector at Yahoo!Groups
  • Send an email to with your Yahoo!ID: [INSERT THE PERSON WHO REFERRED YAHOO!ID]

As a thank you for helping us promote the newsletter, both you and your referral get a chance to win the Grand Prize! For every referral you send to us, you get entered into the Grand Prize drawing.

Pretty easy, isn't it? And all you have to do is tell your friends about us.

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Theo Rating Promotion
9x11 inch Promo Ad FINISHED! This promotion is now over and we would like to thank everyone who participated and congratulate the following winners:

Charles S. Kiger, Jr.
David Freshwaters
Luke Sneeringer
Victor Gonzalo Soriano

On July 28th, 2002, we devised a brand-new rating system for Jeremiah's first season - vote for your favorite episodes using 1 to 10 "Theos."

As an incentive to try it out, The Abyss will give away at least five (5) 9x11 inch Jeremiah promotional ads (see image). Everyone who rates at least one episode between July 28th, 2002 and SEPTEMBER 30TH, 2002, will be automatically entered.

To begin, go to our Episode Guide to vote for your favorite episodes individually. Alternately, you can vote for all the episodes from season one if you would rather vote for all of them at once.

By no means will The Abyss sell or spam your e-mail address. We follow the Golden Rule over here, and boy, do we hate spam. Your email address is kept in a secure data file that keeps track of everyone's votes in the "Theo Rating" system. Only during those times when we are running a promotion for this system, will you get an email from us if you are a winner. For more information about this and opt-out instructions, please read our Privacy Statement.

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Season 1 Boxed Set
Season 1 Boxed Set
(Jeremiah DVD)
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Read viewer comments on the second season in our forums.

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