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The Abyss is pleased to announce three exclusive interviews with Ingrid Kavelaars (who plays Thunder Mountain second-in-command Erin), Byron Lawson (who plays the suspicious and possibly double-crossing TM security guru Lee Chen) and Tim Truman (Jeremiah's music director).

The questions are in and thank you to everyone who participated. We will be conducting the interviews over the next few weeks so stay tuned to our newsletter for the first peak around mid- to late September. Sign up for our newsletter in order to get the scoop on the interviews before they are posted here.

We have also included various features and promotions for this site, so check those pages frequently.

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Ingrid Kavelaars Interview UPDATED:  6.15.2003
Our intrepid interviewer and newsletter writer extraordinaire, Channe, came up with a prolific (but wonderful) amount of questions for the lovely Ingrid Kavelaars. We doubt you will find a more incisive or comprehensive interview with elsewhere! Thanks to everyone who contributed a question.
Byron Lawson Interview UPDATED:  6.15.2003
Byron Lawson sat down and answered some of our ABYSS cast questions — even though we bet he would rather be torturing us. Here's our exclusive interview, where Byron talks about Lee Chen, his granduncle's involvement, dealing with Sci Fi fans, how the acting bug bit him, and the love of a good mojito.
Tim Truman Interview    
Sign up for our newsletter for the first glimpse of the interview. Tim has been busy at work on other television series but promises to answer our interview questions as soon as he gets a chance. Look for his interview in the coming weeks. The completed interview will be available on this site about a month later.
V-Con 27 Report UPDATED:  6.15.2003
On Octover 12th, 2002, we made the trip up to Vancouver, BC Canada to attend V-Con 27. J. Michael Straczynski participated in a Question and Answer Session as well as an Autograph one too. It was a blast and he gave Monica an experience she will NEVER forget.
JMS Q&A Transcript    
We are working on transcribing the Question and Answer Session that we recorded and JMS has also offered to look it over to make sure we got it right. It is a very time consuming process so it might be a while before we can post it.
Jeremiah Promotions UPDATED:  1.5.2004
Yes, we are crazy enough to be giving some exciting and rare Jeremiah merchandise away! Take a look at what current promotions we have going on and usually participation is quite easy. Good luck and if you have an idea for a promotion or items to donate, please send us an email.
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