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Want more information about the "Theo Rating" system? Read the FAQ.

An inch. One inch. But I can see how you can look at an inch and think it was a lot more.
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Vote for "To Sail Beyond the Stars"
If you would like to vote for more than one episode at a time, please use the Season One voting form.

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Theo Rating Mini-FAQ
What is a "Theo Rating"?
This is what we at The Abyss have named our Jeremiah episode rating system. Theo is a lot of fun to watch on screen and she also seems to be the fan favorite so it just fit.

How do I vote?
Select the "vote" link from the Episode Guide or from each individual episode guide page. Then all you need is a valid email address and a few minutes of your time to rate each episode. You can select from one to ten "Theos" for every episode of Jeremiah. It is very simple -- an email with a link to verify your rating will be sent to the address entered into the form. Click on that link and your rating will be counted. That is it!

What is this about a promotion?
It is now over but please visit our Jeremiah Promotions page for a list of winners and current promotions that you can participate in.

What will you do with my email address?
We certainly WILL NOT sell it or spam you with junk mail. Your email address is kept in a secure data file that keeps track of everyone's votes. During certain times, we will run promotions where you can win a Jeremiah item for voting and if you are a winner, you will receive an email from The Abyss. For more information about this and opt-out instructions, please read our Privacy Statement.

How can I vote for more than one episode at a time?
It's simple! Just use the Season One or Season Two voting form.

What if I want to change my rating?
No problem! Just fill out a new rating for that episode and it will automatically be updated with your new rating. If you have any questions, suggestions or problems please send us an email.

Why haven't I gotten my confirmation email?
If you haven't gotten an email to confirm your rating, it may have bounced. Please make sure you entered your email correctly and your inbox is not full. Check below to see if your email address closely matches one of the bounced emails: (Aug.27.2002), (Sep.8.2002), (Sep.22.2002), (Apr.9.2003), (Oct.5.2003),

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To Dream in the City of Sorrows (Reprint)
To Dream in the City of Sorrows (Reprint)
(Kathryn M. Drennan)
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