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Favorite Quotes Season 2

Don't forget to take a look at our favorite quotes from season one. We will add quotes for each episode a few days after it first airs but if you have any suggestions, please let us know!

NOTE: The quotes contain swear words and have not been edited out.

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#1) Letters from the Other Side (Part 1)
They hit us with guns, bazookas, tear gas, tanks, APVs, helicopters, rockets. I'm pretty sure at least one of them used really harsh language.

E: Anyone have any spare toilet paper they can roll down here?
J & M: No.

    --Erin, Jeremiah & Markus--

It's not like having my ass plugged into the World Encyclopedia of Knowledge.
    --Mister Smith--

It was just supposed to be a little family get together. Later we were gonna go on one of those egg hunts but Erin wouldn't wear the bunny suit and I couldn't find one that fit me. And then for no apparent reason a bunch of party crashers started SHOOTING AT US!

You want a picture of the future? "Imagine a boot stamping on a human face forever." That's a quote. George Orwell and nice boots you got there. Can I have that glass of water now?

G: The President wants to see you.
J: The President? The President of what?
G: The United States asshole.
J: The United States Asshole ... USA. The initials are still the same.

    --Guard & Jeremiah--

L: So, you're Jeremiah? Oh well.
J: What? "Oh well"? What the hell is that supposed to mean?
L: I thought I'd be more impressed. To hear Ezekiel talk, you're 12-feet high and shoot lightening bolts out of your ass.

    --Libby & Jeremiah--

It's not fair to use the heart against itself. It's not fair at all.

Until we get this country back on it's feet, -everyone- who opposes us is expendable. Everyone.
    --General Waverly--

D: If you re-introduce the virus to the world outside, it'll be the end of everything you -asshole-. The end of everything.
W: Well, it's an old arguement. It's about time we resolved it. This is going to hurt Jeremiah but it's for the good of the country.

    --Devon & Waverly--

We saw a lot of guys. They all thought they were the boss. They were jus--just guys, Dad. Just guys on the road. Just guys on the roa--

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#2) Letters from the Other Side (Part 2)
There's a new world coming Jeremiah and in that world you and your father won't be needed anymore. Go back to sleep Jeremiah and when you wake up, everything will be different. Everything.
    --General Waverly--

You all know me ... and you all know exactly how I feel about Lee. So I'm the last guy to say you should trust him. So I'm not going to say it. I think my tongue would shrivel up and fall out of my mouth and I don't think anybody in this room wants to see that.

So you don't want trust Lee? Fine. Don't listen to him but I am asking you to listen to me. Look I know what the strategy is. I know what we're doing and I know why and the only thing I can tell you is it's the only shot we have of getting Markus, Erin and Jeremiah out of Valhalla Sector. And if we fail? Everything that you have worked hard all these years to achieve--that dream dies and some good people die with it. Any of you want to stay home, I won't hold it against you but it is my hope that you all come along with us because we have to go now.

L: You're a valuable resource.
K: I thought you said I was an asshole?
L: One doesn't preclude the other.

    --Lee & Kurdy--

Do me a favor? If Lee does betray me, you, Markus and everything we've built here for a second time? Do you think you could ... you know, sort of kill him for me?

Translation? We've got teeth we haven't even used yet fellas.

And it's raining big time. Ready to go to war?

No one else has the resources, the data from before the Death ... but they wouldn't trade Markus for anything less. Something doesn't add up here Jeremiah. Something--something's wrong.

CS: He says he's a friend of yours.
K: I don't have any friends.
CS: Well, he says his name is uh, Mister Smith and uh ...
K: And what?
CS: And God says hello?

    --Comm Soldier & Kurdy--

And if you're wrong? God help you Lee. Because if they stop anywhere along the line, if even one of them gets out ... if anybody Meaghan touches walks out of Valhalla Sector ... then you've just signed the death warrant for the whole goddamn world.

MS: Okay, I've waited as long as I can but God says I have to go now.
CS: Well, I got the gun and I say to stay put. What does your "God" say to that?
MS: He says, "Duck". [explosion] Told ya.

    --Mister Smith & Comm Soldier--

L: I know you don't agree with my decision but it was the only way to take out Valhalla Sector. It was worth the risk.
M: Nothing was worth the risk. Nothing. Not me, not you, not Jeremiah and not his dad. Nothing. No one.

    --Lee & Markus--

They get to see the Big Death happening all over again. I can't imagine. I just can't imagine.

M: Hello, you must be Jeremiah. I made--I made quite a mess out there. You really should see it. They're all dead.
J: I'm sorry.
M: Are you afraid of me Jeremiah?
J: No, I'm not.
M: I'm afraid of me. I'm so afraid of me. I'm scaring me to death. I'm tired. I'm so tired. Can I go home now?

    --Meaghan & Jeremiah--

And building that better day? That is going to require all your attention Markus. All your focus. You won't--won't have time to think about it. I don't think you want to anyway.

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#3) Strange Attractors
J: Markus, do you know what "high verbal" is?
M: Yeah.
J: Good. Saves me the trouble.
M: Trying to say I talk too much? 'Cause we could talk about that. Jeremiah? Jeremiah!

    --Jeremiah & Markus--

M: Stop! Let's get something straight. Yes, Valhalla Sector was the enemy and yes they had to be stopped. And maybe ... maybe this way was the only way, but several thousand people died getting it done. And that's not something you celebrate. That's something you apologize for.
MS: God says, "It took you people until now to figure that out?"

    --Markus & Smith--

K: Look, don't you have -anywhere- to go?
MS: No, why?
K: Because you're starting to creep me out. No, actually you were creeping me out when I first met you. It's just different levels of creeposity, you know?

    --Kurdy & Smith--

J: So what, like if I was going to introduce you to somebody I would say, "This is Mr. Mister Smith"?
MS: Yeah.
J: What the hell kind of name is that?
MS: It's not something I talk about.

    --Jeremiah & Smith--

MS: Right, we have some things--uh, important--I have some issues.
J: Yeah, like the name thing?
MS: One of thousands. Would you like to hear them alphabetically or in order of psychic trauma?

    --Smith & Jeremiah--

I knew I was safe at home before my folks died. Knew I was safe at school before that went up into flames. Knew I was safe at Valhalla Sector before-- It just seems like there's a whole lot of knowing going on but not a lot of safe anywhere.

All we can do is cherish the time we have, when we have it ... and treasure the memories we have after they're gone. Try to do right by them. Everything else is out of our control.

Well, even if they got Markus, no way he'd sell us out. He's that kind of noble that just drives you nuts. And if his ass was any tighter every time he smiled you'd hear something unpleasant happen down south, if you know what I'm saying.

T: You know why you're here?
S: No, why am I here?
T: Because your mama's medical plan ... didn't cover abortions.

    --Theo & Steve--

M: Ah, and for my next trick I'll walk on water, heal the lame and turn wine into water.
E: It's water into wine.
M: Ah, tomato/to-mah-to.

    --Markus & Erin--

It's not one thing or another, it just sort of ... is. You know? But just now ... just now ... there was sadness, grief, weariness. And under all of it? Anger. Real anger. The kind of anger that makes you throw yourself on the ground and cover your face and apologize for everything you've done in your entire life.

God says, "Look to the east, and despair."
    --Mister Smith--

There's this one in particular ... Theo. I swear I would rather pluck my eyes out and spread them on toast than spend ten minutes in a small room with that woman.

Wait, you know I think it was Socrates who said, "Fuck 'em."

Then I hear this voice say, "Not yet. Not yet. There's work to be done." And I got mad and I said, "Screw you!" because I knew who it was. When you're that close to death, you know who that voice is. I said, "Screw you! You ran out on us. You let pain and death into the world and now look at us. Look at what we've become, what you let happen." The voice said, "I know. I know. I've been away for too long but I'm back now. My voice will be heard and you will be my voice."
    --Mister Smith--

K: So, what's so scary about seeing a wave wash somebody on shore?
MS: It was a lake.

    --Kurdy & Smith--

K: All right ... Smith. What were the two words "God" said to you that first day?
MS: Fractal Theory.
K: What the hell is Fractal Theory?
MS: How the hell am I supposed to know? I'm just God's sock puppet okay? He shoves his hand up my ass and words come out the other end. Who knew math was involved.

    --Kurdy & Smith--

J: Well, I'll give it a shot. You think this is a good idea?
M: All my ideas are good ideas.
J: Markus, your modesty ... knows no end.
M: Thank you.
J: Because it knows no beginning either.
M: I can live with that.

    --Jeremiah & Markus--

M: Chaos may actually be necessary for order to develop. And not just order but beauty.
K: What are those two dark areas?
M: Every fractal has a moment of transition where it can grow one way or another depending on which strange attractor it's drawn to.
K: Strange attractor...
M: Uhm ... a set of points such that all trajectories nearby are drawn to it.
K: Ok, well I know what it does but what is it Markus?
M: No one knows. They can see the effect it has on what's around it but science actually hasn't figured out what it is. Some people think it's the final proof of the existance of God. Because like God we can see the effect as it repeats the pattern infinitely throughout time creating beauty and order out of chaos but to define what it is ... not possible.
K: But there's always one strange attractor in the bunch, huh?
M: No actually ... oddly enough, there are usually two. And everything that happens around them is defined by that division. The greater the chaos the greater the beauty that comes out of it. Assuming that everything follows the right strange attractor because that's what shapes the world around it.

    --Markus & Kurdy--

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#4) Deus Ex Machina
They want to believe, they do. You can see it in their eyes. For sixteen years, they've fought to build something and they don't want it to end when they die. They want to believe in all this, just like I did when I got here. But in the outside world, it's hard to trust anybody.

K: You know the new guy, Smith?
M: This guy that calls himself Mister Smith, thinks God talks to him?
K: Yeah, that one.
M: Kurdy, aside from the fact that he's new and untested, and maybe a little bit... I don't know, what's a--what's a good word?
E: Nuts?
M: Nuts. Nuts. Excellent word.

    --Kurdy, Markus & Erin--

M: So give him a medal, or a piece of cake.
E: Oh, whenever there's something we want Markus to do and he doesn't want to do it, we tell him there's cake involved.
M: Works every time.

    --Markus & Erin--

S: He said yes, right? I told you he'd say yes. God said I was going to be your partner.
K: He said no, okay? No. And that "God" bullshit is probably the biggest reason.
S: I don't understand. What I hear, it's never wrong.
K: Well, it is, so maybe that should be your first clue, Smith. It ain't god. It's just you. It's just you, and it's just me, and I got things to do so I will see you around.

    --Smith & Kurdy--

Music isn't a priority? I don't know how anyone could live in a world without music. It makes me feel alive.

That's hardly the Theo we've all come to know and mostly tolerate.

T: Never talk with your mouth full.
M: Your mother tell you that?
T: No. A hooker.
M: I could have gone all day without knowing that.
T: You asked!

    --Theo & Markus--

An inch. One inch. But I can see how you can look at an inch and think it was a lot more.

Now, you ask me, if I ever see Daniel? No. But I have seen the trail he leaves where he walks and the effect he has on other people. And they mark the passing of something awfully big. And awfully dangerous.

K: You're here.
S: Good observation.
K: You were just at the mountain.
S: Good memory.
K: So how the hell did you get from there to here?
S: I have ways.

    --Kurdy & Smith--

S: It's a pinhole camera. I use it to chronicle where I've been, what I've seen. Sometimes I keep the pictures. Sometimes I give them away. Sometimes I just tear them up.
K: Why, because they're no good?
S: No. It's just that ... sometimes there are things in pictures that ... shouldn't be there.

    --Smith & Kurdy--

I have a message for you. Not just for you ... about you. All about you. God says, "You can't hide. My eye sees you and all the darkness that's inside you. Listen. Listen."
    --Mister Smith--

I've dedicated my life to the idea of bringing the government back, maybe better than it was before. More tolerant. Kinder. A government that lifts up instead of grinds down, that ennobles us and gives us the only gifts that really matter: dignity, courage, and hope.

He tried to sell us on his ideas. But people don't follow ideas. They follow the man who has the ideas.

I'd rather follow the man who has the power and doesn't use it. Has the ideas who thinks they're better than he is. Than the man who likes power too much and will do anything to get it. The man who thinks he is bigger than the ideas. I am with Markus and his Alliance. Anybody wants out, leave now and don't let the door hit you on the ass on the way out.

That's how he did it. So much for that "I have ways" mysterioso shit.

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#5) Rites of Passage
I tell you what -- I wouldn't use the words "bed swapping" and "Theo" in the same sentence if I were you.

L: What's the first thing you're going to ask him?
J: Probably the same thing that you would if you were in my shoes. What happened to my Mom?

    --Libby & Jeremiah--

M: Sorry about that... we've usually don't get anyone older than-- well, older-- from the outside world walking around in here. No one's ever seen anyone older than...
D: Markus, it's alright.

    --Markus & Devon--

Hello, I'm pregnant. I have mood swings. I have a whole mood playground: swings, a jungle gym, one of those things you get on and spin around and around on?

Not afraid for myself ... afraid that if something happened to me, the truth would fall through the cracks. The truth that was in those files. The truth about how the Big Death got out.

It seems so silly now, that papers and files and disks would make everything okay. None of it would change what was coming.

Stop looking backward. It seems to me that everybody is spending far too much time looking backward and not nearly enough time looking forward. You're having a baby, Theo, that means you look forward because that's what babies are for to help us think about tomorrow.

We were all there together, in the belly of the beast.

For Paul, everything was academic. Formulas to be cracked, DNA to be decoded, the kind of guy who resequences ribonucleac acid in his head for fun. A certified genius. But there's a fine line between genius and madness.

T: You owe me an apology.
E: For what?
T: Being a bitch.
E: Sorry. Truth hurts.

    --Theo & Erin--

You thought you'd won, but you lose! I killed the world, man. I killed the whole freaking world! You think I'm gonna worry about you!
    --Paul Weill--

The right future, the one that we have to build, is one where the Big Death is no longer something to fear. A memory. That's what I had to make sure of. That it was a memory. For you. For her. For all the unborn children.

Leo or Cleo?

I'm thinking Leo if it's a boy and Cleo if it's a girl. It's gonna be Theo and Leo or Theo and Cleo, and where we walk mountains will tremble.

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#6) The Mysterious Mister Smith
K: Yeah, but you said he was a nut.
M: Yes, but he's your nut -- not mine.

    --Kurdy & Markus--

S: I forgot the salt.
M: Oh! Ah ... Oh, I--I thought that you were ... uhm--
S: Thought I was what?
M: That you were, you know ... salt--saltless. No, that's what we was doing, I was commenting on your salt ... less ... ness.

    --Smith & Markus--

J: Yeah and it's got a big, green, flakey...
L: Artichoke!

    --Jeremiah & Libby--

Okay. I'll see that and uh ... raise ya ... uh, this right here? This molar. It's my best one. You win, you can have it. You just come across the table and get it.

K: What's it all for, Smith? You one of those guys likes to spy on people for kicks?
S: Not for kicks. For history.

    --Kurdy & Smith--

We have to remember our history. We have to pass that knowledge on to the next generation, so they don't make the same mistakes we did. These guys are like ... living books. Chroniclers of the New World. They keep memorizing the stories and telling them to each other, so that if something happens to one of them, the stories can go on. And then, when the time is right, they'll be here, and their stories, our histories, will be here with them.
    --Mister Smith--

Here begins the story of the World after the Death. The birth of the new out of the ashes of the old. The first great fire claimed the city of Atlanta, which burned for seventeen days.

David, of Peachtree Avenue, organized an escape from the fires, and saved the lives of thousands though he lost his life saving the lives of others. We remember his life, we remember his death, we remember his dreams, we remember his name.

In the fourth month of the Death, the roads to New York were closed, and nothing moved ...

You just don't get it, do you? There are two kinds of people in this world. Those who survive history, and those who make it. You, Kurdy, are one of the latter.
K: You know you're out of your mind, right?
S: That doesn't change the facts. That's why God sent me to find you. You're going to make history, Kurdy. You've already started. And I'm here to make sure that history gets preserved for future generations. I'm like your scribe, dude.

    --Smith & Kurdy--

K: Well, only a fool believes everything he's told. You gonna write that down?
S: Maybe later.

    --Kurdy & Smith--

F: Journalists are supposed to be non-combatants.
J: Take it up with your editor.
F: I am the editor.
J: It's not my problem.

    --Frank & Jeremiah--

F: A flare? What is a flare gonna do against that?
J: I've got three words for you -- Gas tank.
F: That's two words. What's the third?
J: Third one's yours -- Distraction.

    --Frank & Jeremiah--

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