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The following is a list of the older news on B5, Crusade and other various JMS projects. There is another page with the newest news listed. We no longer post news items on this page so for the latest Babylon 5 news, please visit our forums.

For more detailed information on the happenings of B5, Crusade, JMS and the cast members, be sure to check out a great informative (and constantly updated) Yahoo! group called The Galactic Gateway or ISN News.

Please visit the JMS Comics News page for latest on when the various comics will be released. Also, if you have a noteworthy item that I missed, please feel free to email me.

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JMS reported in today's USENET post that the Delicate Creatures trade paperback is finally due to be released on Jan. 4th, 2002. UPDATE: Due to a "printer error" the book is now due out on Jan. 16th, 2002.
Well, Babylon 5 fans all got a nice Christmas present as The Lurker's Guide is now back in operations (using the midwinter domain). They are working on getting everything up to snuff so be patient if everything is not in it's proper place.
Dec.24.2001 reported that there is a list of theaters that is showing the B5LR trailer. I have no idea how accurate it is but I will try out one of the theaters in my area and report back.
A great no-spoiler review has been posted at B5LR. It is lengthy and does reveal some plot information but it should not detract from the enjoyment of watching the movie when it airs.
A wonderfully honest and accurate review of the new B5 DVD which contains the pilot movie of The Gathering and the telemovie, In the Beginning, is now up on SciFi Weekly.
There is a new interview from IGN with JMS available. It is brief but he talks about his (non) involvement with the first DVD released and his thoughts on what would/could be included in future releases.
I participated in the Warren T. Takeuchi chat at tonight and have transcripts available. There is the edited text version, an unedited text version and an HTML version available as well. Look for me as Lyta-B5LR!
I participated in the Dean Marshall chat at tonight and have transcripts available. There is the edited text version, an unedited text version and an HTML version available as well. Look for me as Lyta-B5LR!
JMS posted a note about the postponement of his new show on Showtime that was slated to begin airing this January 2002. It is unknown when this show will air as the "powers that be are gauging when it might be safe to go forward". The delay has been caused by the tragic events that happened on 9.11.2001 which has made many hollywood executives reevaluate what shows to air.
The first Babylon 5 DVD has been released today! Be sure to buy it for everyone for the holidays. The second installation of the interview with Andreas Katsulas (G'Kar) has been posted on Another chat is scheduled in the #auditorium channel with Warren T. Takeuchi (Kitaro Sasaki) on Thursday, December 13 @ 9:00 PM ET. Also, don't forget to join the chat with Dean Marshall on 12/6 @ 9 PM ET.
I participated in the Dylan Neal chat at tonight and have transcripts available. There is the HTML version, edited text version and an unedited text version available as well. Look for me as Lyta!
The first B5 Rangers digital trading card is now available from This week's is of David Martel, the captain of the Liandra. It is the first in a series of seven cards which will be released every Friday through January 4, 2002.
The chat transcript for Alex Zahara's chat on is now available on
Don't forget that the third book in the Techo-Mage trilogy is due to be released on Tuesday, November 27th, 2001. Read the press release (DOC file format) that came from the author (WARNING: It does contain some spoilers!) for more information. NOTE: The air date stated in the press release for the new B5 Rangers movie is incorrect. The movie premieres on Saturday, January 19th, 2002.
A series of interviews with JMS is being published by Prevue Magazine. The topic is about his Twilight Zone connections. Read the third installment today.
UPDATED: Mark your calendars! Upcoming chats ... Alex Zahara (Dulann in B5LR) will be in the #auditorium channel on Thursday, November 15th at 9 PM (Eastern) ... Dylan Neal (David Martel in B5LR) will be be in the #auditorium on Thursday, November 29th at 9 PM (Eastern) ... Dean Marshall (Malcolm Bridges in B5LR) will be in the #auditorium on Thursday, December 6 at 9PM (Eastern).
The fan fun B5LR site has posted it's first interview with Mackenzie Gray (who plays Minister Kafta in the upcoming telemovie). Stay tuned for more interviews from them as they plan to interview each cast member.
Got a tip from birthday boy Alex Zahara (who plays Dulann in the upcoming B5 Rangers telemmovie) who was recently interviewed by the Cult Times Magazine. Click on the link that says "Babylon 5: The Legend of the Rangers" to get to the article. Even though it is only a partial story, you can purchase issue #19 or you can buy it at your local newsstand.
The latest airdate that has been announced for Babylon 5: Legend of the Rangers is January 19th, 2002. Also, writer Frank Garcia has just completed a roundtable chat with six members of the B5LR cast for Dreamwatch magazine. It should include photos as well so be sure to check out issue #89 (December/January).
The MGM Online Newsletter has a section on Jeremiah which has some great background information about the upcoming series that is coming to Showtime in January 2002. It includes profiles for each of the major characters in the series.
Hope you had your VCR's running to catch the Crusade marathon. SciFi Channel has been busy enhancing the official site for the B5 Rangers movie ... there is a new trailer (requires QT), a signed poster sweepstakes, an interview with G'Kar and more!
Lots of news from JMS ... his new hardcover graphic novel, "Delicate Creatures," with art by Michael Zulli, will be available at the end of this month from Image/Top Cow/Joe's Comics ... Look for a new anthology comic series (each issue presenting a different story) from Top Cow this fall ... JMS is about halfway through a new novel that should be finished by January 2002 if all goes according to plan ... B5: Rangers is scheduled to air on January 2nd, 2002 and Jeremiah debuts on January 11th, 2002 ... Rising Stars feature movie is slotted for Summer of 2002. Whew!
A series of interviews with JMS is being published by Prevue Magazine. The topic is about the new telemovie, Babylon 5: Legend of the Rangers. Read the second installment today.
SciFi Channel will be running a Crusade marathon, showing all 13 episodes straight, on Monday October 8th from 7 AM to 8 PM. Whew ... be sure to set your VCRs!
Word is spreading from a reliable DelRey source that they are trying to aquire the rights to some B5 novels (specifically #9 and #7) to get them republished. This is great news for those of you trying to find these rare and increasingly expensive novels.
More interviews from Prevue Magazine, this time it is Dylan Neal talking about his role on Babylon 5: Legend of the Rangers. Read the interview today.
Science Fiction Weekly's featured interview was with none other than J. Michael Straczynski about his latest TV endevor, Babylon 5: Legend of the Rangers. It is rather short with only eight questions and may repeat a lot of what is already out there but it is a fun read.
The B5 DVD is now available for preorder from®! The announced release date is Dec. 4th, 2001 ... just in time for the holidays. :)
A series of interviews with JMS is being published by Prevue Magazine. The topic is about the new telemovie, Babylon 5: Legend of the Rangers. Read the first installment today.
Ain't It Cool News has posted a "review" of the Telemovie, Babylon 5: Legend of the Rangers. WARNING: This is more of a movie summary than a review. Possible spoilers!
Read Jeanne Cavelos' (author of the new Techno-Mage trilogy) chat transcript which took place on 7.3.2001.
Don't forget to tune in to the chat with Jeanne Cavelos (author of the new Techno-Mage trilogy) tomorrow night at 9:00 PM EST.
Enid-Ray Adams (who plays Firell in Legend of the Rangers has an official website and you can get a sneak peak at some of the cast and more.
The SciFi Channel has finally posted the official site for the Babylon 5: The Legend of the Rangers which you can also find on the links page as well.
I finally have my pictures online from the Gathering event that was held this last Sunday. All I can say is that it was a wonderful event and I can only hope that they will have more.
There is new information on the new TV movie, B5LR. Read the post that JMS wrote on 5.21.2001 and another one on 5.21.2001 ... both of which have information about the movie and cast.
JMS is working on a 100 page B5 graphic novel from Wildstorm. He is still in the process of finalizing the story but JMS said it, "may work out to be a pre-WWE Sinclair/Sheridan crossover, involving Mars, Minbar, B5 and a conspiracy."
The cast has been confirmed for Babylon 5: The Legend of the Rangers. For details, read's press release.
The discussion group, nw-b5, is pleased to announce a Gathering for list membership on Sunday, May 27th, 2001 with Very Special Guest J. Michael Straczynski attending. Venue will be Simon Fraser Univeristy from 5:30 PM to 9:30 PM. Do not call the university looking for information! All questions are to be routed to
According to the press release issued by, the original B5 creative team (Netter, Straczynski, Vejar) will be producing Babylon 5: The Legend of the Rangers. Also, Andreas Katsulas will reprise the role of G'Kar. Filming begins production in Vancouver on May 14.
It was announced today on that a new B5 TV movie will be made called, Babylon 5: The Legend of the Rangers and it will be released later this year. For more information, read their press release or read JMS' USENET post. Also, will be airing Crusade in the preferred author's order. For more information, read JMS' USENET post.
There will be a chat with Marjean Holden (Dr. Sarah Chambers of Crusade) on Sunday March 25th at 9 PM ET. Go to's chat area and enter the #auditorium channel.
UPDATE: JMS posted today that the DVD for The Gathering and In The Beginning has been pushed back a month. Apparently, there was a misunderstanding about which version of The Gathering was going to be put out. WB did a hugely commendable thing and has decided to use the re-edited version instead of the original version.
Jeanne Cavelos' chat on The Galactic Gateway transcript is now available.
Jeanne Cavelos' second Techno-Mage book is now available for pre-ordering on®. A new anthology that includes two of JMS' short stories from and it is called Outside the Box.
UPDATE: The SciFi Channel has the first episode of Crusade airing on April 9th at 8 PM (ET/PT). If the series does well in the ratings, they will consider re-airing the show in widescreen format. For more information, go here.
UPDATED: Don't miss the chat with Peter Jurasik (AKA Londo Mollari) on Thursday Feb 22nd at 9 PM (ET). For more information, go here. Also, here is the chat transcript.
Lots of big news from JMS: SciFi Channel will be re-airing all 13 episodes of Crusade this summer; JMS will be writing a one time B5 graphic novel for Wildstorm that will debut later this year; B5 will be released on DVD starting with The Gathering and In The Beginning in July 2001; On March 26th, JMS (along with Harlan Ellison, Chris Carter so far) will be doing a panel discussion on writing for the fantastic. Whew, stay tuned for more!
According to JMS, his first issue of The Amazing Spider-Man is due to come out in April 2001 and the next issue of Midnight Nation comes out next week.
A new episode (#8: The Alpha and Omega of David Wells) of JMS' radio drama anthology series, City of Dreams, is now available on SciFi's Seeing Ear Theater.
According to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazzette, there are talks going on between SciFi's General Manager, JMS and Doug Netter (B5's Executive Producers) about a new project. Nothing is finalized but, they are talking about an exclusive B5 movie and picking up the rights to re-run Crusade.
Someone in the newgroups posts a question asking about getting JMS' B5 short stories (that were published in the B5 and Amazing Stories magazines) collected and published for the fans. JMS replied that the fans can contact Steve Saffel at Del Rey.
JMS' first draft for his screenplay for the Rising Stars movie went in on Christmas day. He said the studio reaction has been EXTREMELY positive. Also, his newest weekly column Letters from the Edge is now available (Ships and Sealing Fate).
His newest weekly column Letters from the Edge is now available (Reports from the Front).
JMS just turned in his pilot movie script, Jeremiah, to Showtime. He said that we would know what the outcome in about 2 weeks.
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