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Over the years, there have been a number of books that were based on the TV series, Babylon 5. Some are better than others. The earlier books were farmed out to authors who may not have been as familiar with the B5 universe as they should have. However, the more recent novels (starting with novel #7) have been based off of J. Michael Straczynski's outlines and are considered canon for the series.

I have a fair amount of material from this section and I will try to add as many of my own personal reviews as I can. If you have any ideas on how to improve this site or if you have suggestions for things to add, please let me know.

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B5 Trilogies UPDATED:  12.5.2002
Consists of the newer series of books (Bester/Psi-cops, Centauri Prime/Legions of Fire and the Techno-Mages) which are all set up as trilogies. Plus, there are some comments from JMS' USENET postings.
B5 Novels UPDATED:  3.21.2003
All of the older books that were based on the B5 TV series, many of which are increasingly hard to find and getting expensive if you do. Plus, there are some comments from JMS' USENET postings.
B5 Movie/TV Based UPDATED:  5.17.2003
These were all (or at least all the I could find) of the that were based on either a B5 TV movie or a B5 episode. that were based on an episode or TV movie. Plus, there are some comments from JMS' USENET postings.
B5 Episode Guides UPDATED:  10.24.2003
If you want to catch up on what happened season by season, be sure to pick up the episode guides. It includes episode guides for seasons one through five plus, the spin-off series, Crusade, and a B5 Security Manual.
B5 Roleplaying Game UPDATED:  10.21.2003
If you want something new in the B5 universe, this is about the only thing going on! Whether you are into roleplaying games or not, these factbooks contain a lot of trivia and information about Babylon 5. You can tell that the game makers are fans too which really helps. They put a lot of hard work into creating a fun and interesting game which is set in one of the richest Science Fiction universes ever created.
B5 Short Stories UPDATED:  7.20.2003
There were six short stories published in "Amazing Stories" and the official "Babylon 5" magazine. Four of the six were written by series creator, J. Michael Straczynski and they are all considered canon. These stories are not available anywhere else but in their original publications. We have collected all the stories on this page so you may find these stories and enjoy the expanded B5 universe.
B5 Miscellaneous UPDATED:  11.30.2003
You will find all the items that don't really fit in any other category and include books written by Babylon 5 cast members (Steven Furst and Bruce Boxleitner, magazines, calendars and cookbooks.
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My Autobiography
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