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The following is a list of the newest news on B5, Crusade and other various JMS projects. There is another page with the older news listed. We no longer post news items on this page so for the latest Babylon 5 news, please visit our forums.

Also, if you have a noteworthy item that I missed, please feel free to email me.

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Patricia Tallman (who played Lyta Alexander on B5) will be appearing on tomorrow's edition of "The Screen Savers" on TechTV.
Here is one of the most in-depth and personal interviews we have read with JMS. It is long, but worth every second spent reading it.
The Season 2 DVD set is now available for pre-order in the UK (Region 2). It is scheduled to be released on Mar 19, 2003.
The new cover art for the reprinting of "To Dream in the City of Sorrows" by Kathryn M. Drennan is now available for viewing online.
We just noticed there was an interview with Tracy Scoggins (Captain Elizabeth Lochley) in SciFiDimension's February issue.
The Zocalo Today alerted fans to keep an eye out on PSIFIMOGUL's auction listings as a bunch of real gems are going up for auction on March 23rd!
JMS said in the moderated newsgroup that he will be attending Comic-Con in San Diego (July 17-20) as well as WonderCon in San Francisco (April 25-26-27).
B5's Season One DVD set got nominated for a Saturn award for the Best DVD TV Programming Release. There is some tough competition but let's root for our show!
For all you fans out there who have been waiting for a B5 RPG, this is the news you have been waiting for. May 2003 is the target release date.
To Dream in the City of Sorrows will be published in August 2003 and it is now available for pre-ordering through®.
JMS posted a number of items that are going to be published soon from him over on the moderated newsgroup. Look for updates here when they become available!
The Season Two Boxed DVD Set is now availble for pre-ordering from®. Save 25% off the suggested retail price!
JMS posted an update or two which covers most of his ongoing projects.
The rumor mill has started as buzz about the R2 DVD release schedule for Warner Brothers has started. Certainly not official at all but we might get the Season Two Boxed Set sometime in May 2003 and Season Three around Sept 2003.
Do you love Crusade? Do you want it back? Join the grassroots campaign to raise the money for 10 new episodes.
IGN FilmForce is just loaded with B5 interviews. Check out the latest one with Jerry Doyle who played the straightforward and ballsy Security Chief Michael Garibaldi. Seems the apple didn't fall too far from the tree.
Furst News: There is an article in USA Today which talks about a lighthearted book he wrote, Confessions of a Couch Potato. Also, someone reported on that Stephen was "filming a documentary for seasons 2-5 of the DVD".
An Orlando Convention attendee told ISN News that Bruce Boxleitner will be contributing commentary on the Second Season Boxed DVD set.
IGN FilmForce posted an interesting career reminiscing interview with Peter Jurasik (Londo Mollari of B5). Skip to page four to read the Babylon 5 anecdotes.
JMS said today that there is a deal to put his three novels as well as his anthology back into print early next year.
Someone at Warner Brothers Online wrote to us and shared some of their promotional material that is being used for the B5 DVD Boxed Set. Come check it out!
JMS posted a note about the B5 Quote Book publication date on the moderated news group.
JMS is attending VCon on Saturday, October 12th, 2002 as a panel speaker.
Warner Brothers has a nifty little flash site that is promoting the DVD Season One boxed set. Good info and it won't be as expensive as I first thought it might.
A quick report from Newsarama about ComicCon on JMS' plans for Amazing Spider-Man and his thoughts about issue #36.
The first season boxed set is now available for pre-ordering from®.
Warner Brothers made an official announcement of the Season One DVD boxed set. They will be available in the R1 in November and R2 in October of this year. View the cover art here.
DarkTales Publications is closing their operations. Send them a note thanking them for supporting and publishing JMS' mystery/noire thriller, "Tribulations". You can also pick it up for 70% off while supplies last!
Comic-Con asked J. Michael Straczynski to write something for their web site and he happily obliged. It is a fun and touching little missive about the convention that makes him feel at home.
The door on submissions for the Babylon 5 quote book ("But In Purple I'm Stunning")is closing. Send in your story or favorite quote to
Ultra rare B4 prop for sale on eBay! This item is for sale from Fiona Avery and the authenticity verified by JMS himself.
More positive news about the B5 DVDs from JMS! He combined it in a post about Midnight Nation so scan down a few paragraphs to get the scoop. Read the full post from JMS.
The Babylon 5 DVD boxed sets are coming! Confirmed by JMS today in a USENET posting, the first season will be available this fall. It will be in widescreen, Dolby 5.1 and have at least two commentaries from the Great Maker himself.
Comics2Film reported that two screenwriters (Anthony and Joe Russo) have been assigned to "do a rewrite of Straczynski's [Rising Stars] script". Seems this is par for the course according to JMS' response.
JMS said today that a Babylon 5 quote book is in the works. Also, if you have a quote that is your favorite or one that you have a great story that goes with it, send it to this address: Read the full post from JMS.
May.11.2002® now has the new publication of this hard to find novel available for preorder. It will be available November 2002.
More news on JMS' future in the comic biz from WizardWorld. JMS is scheduled to switch over from the Amazing Spider-Man title around Jan 2003 and will produce 18 issues the first year. He pretty much has free reign in the Marvel Universe so expect to see a big influence from JMS in the next few years.
Save this date! Babylon 5: Legend of the Rangers is scheduled to air again on June 2nd, 2002 at 9pm ET/PT. If we can get enough people to watch it this time around, maybe we can show SciFi that it is worthwhile to make a series. I know it is a long shot but who knows what could happen. Pass the word around!
JMS said today, "sci-fi channel pulled its financing for most of its audio dramas, so that's pretty much that". You can still listen to the episodes on SciFi's web site or you can download them here on our JMS Audio page.
Apr.21.2002 reported that JMS signed an exclusive contract with Marvel. This will not interfere with his two current titles on Top Cow nor the plans for two new graphic novels planned with Wildstorm. One of these graphic novels will be set in B5's universe and -may- tie Crusade and Rangers together.
More news from JMS about the the future of B5, the effectiveness of a letter writing campaign and more about the ratings and the SciFi Channel.
Sad news indeed from the Great Maker himself as he stated today in a USENET posting, "So it looks like Rangers isn't going to go ahead. They haven't said it directly, but networks never do." For the full post, go here.
SavantB5 posted some press releases from SciFi Channel at the's messageboard. Here are some of the more relevant ones to check out: Original Movies, Miniseries, Hollywood Reporter. Most of it does not bode too well for a Rangers series.
A big announcement about JMS and the end of Joe's Comics. Read the full story and also the comments from other readers.
Just heard news that DarkTales Publications is willing to publish about five unproduced Crusade scripts. All that is needed is JMS' approval! Post a note in the moderated newsgroup if you want this to happen. Alternately, you can email me and I can post your thoughts for you.
There is a new section to The Abyss where all the latest Jeremiah information will be reported. Check it out!
In MGM's Sci-Fi Newsletter, it has an interview with JMS, a Press Tour transcript (warning: language) with JMS, Perry and Warner, and an article with Scott Mitchell Rosenberg who adapted Jeremiah to TV.
The rumors have been confirmed that the Rangers telemovie did not do as well as was hoped. It is not because the fans didn't like the movie (the majority did!) but it was the NFL play-off game that hurt it, Now it is time for us to voice our opinions so head on over to the B5 Ranger Sponsor List page to find out how you can help!
It is always nice when something like this appears in your mail box. Go read this wonderful interview with the always interesting and entertaining Enid-Raye Adams on UGO web site, The Bald and the Beautiful.
More information about Jeremiah (JMS' newest project on ShowTime), the comic book it was based on and more photos can be found at Comics Continuum.
Tonight is the premiere of Babylon 5: Legend of the Rangers (To Live and Die in Starlight) on SciFi channel at 9 PM ET/PT. Set your VCR/TiVo! As a bonus, check out IGN's famous "10 Questions" with Dylan Neal (David Martel), Alex Zahara (Dulann), Myriam Sirois (Sarah Cantrell), Enid-Raye Adams (Firell), Warren T. Takeuchi (Kitaro Sasaki), and Gus Lynch (Tirk).
Enter to win a chance for a free t-shirt and view many of the Classified ISA transmissions that have been showing on SciFi Channel. Check out this URL (requires Flash 5 Plug-In) and click on the "Forward this player to a friend" to enter to win.
Even more goodies ... a fantastic interview with Myriam Sirois (Sarah Cantrell of B5LR) and a new interview with GVFX from who did all the special effects in the Rangers telemovie.
Lots of news to report ...'s exclusive interviews with Enid-Raye Adams (Firell) and Alex Zahara (Dulann) ... a great (slight spoilers) review of the new Ranger telemovie from SciFi Wire ... finally, pictures of Bonnie Hammer's (President of SciFi Channel) car wrapping.
Hot off the presses! Jeremiah will premiere on Sunday March 3rd, 8PM ET/PT, on ShowTime's Sci-Friday. There are also some photos and an offical web site.
I participated in the Enid-Raye Adams chat at tonight and have transcripts available. There is the edited text version, unedited text version and an HTML version. Look for me as Lyta-B5LR!
A very interesting interview is up at SciFi who talked with Andreas Katsulas (G'Kar), Dylan Neal (Capt. David Martel), Dean Marshall (Malcolm Bridges) and Myriam Sirois (Sarah Cantrell).
A great interview with JMS which addresses the issues behind the lateness of his titles. You can also read the heated discussion that resulted.
I participated in the Myriam Sirois chat at tonight and have transcripts available. There is the edited text version, unedited text version and an HTML version as well. Look for me as Lyta-B5LR!
Happy New Year and welcome to the new look of The Abyss! So far, the Babylon 5 section has been the only section that has been converted so let me know if you encounter any problems or have any suggestions.
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Something Like an Autobiography
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