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Season Two

Most of this information was gathered from various web sites and compiled here for your convenience. If you have any suggestions or corrections, please email us!

We may reveal spoilers about Season One on this page. If you have not seen all the episodes in Season One yet, please consider this carefully before reading any further.

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General Overview
The one-hour television series Jeremiah explores a future world populated by people under 30 who, following a devastating, worldwide virus, had to grow up in a world without elders. Jeremiah (Luke Perry) and Kurdy (Malcolm-Jamal Warner) are two of these young survivors. In Season 2, they are joined by the enigmatic Mister Smith which is played by Sean Astin.

As Season 2 begins, Jeremiah is a prisoner at Valhalla Sector along with Thunder Mountain's leaders and his own father. Kurdy is free but being hunted and still devastated by Elizabeth's death. Then he encounters Mister Smith, who says he has a message for him from God. Kurdy is nonplussed but reluctantly agrees to team up, at least until they can find and free Jeremiah. When Lee Chen suggests a desperate plan to free the captives, Kurdy and Mister Smith find themselves in the middle of a horrific struggle that sets the stage for many more to come. Order will be restored. The epic question is, by whom and in what fashion?

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J. Michael Straczynski Says ...
In that respect, we accomplished [Jeremiah's personal mission of searching for his father]. We painted the world, and now in the second year we're looking more to focus in on, now that he's found his dad, what is the result of all this?

We have the characters really asking themselves the same questions you're asking: "What now?" Jeremiah's found his dad, but he hasn't seen him since he was a kid. He doesn't know who this person is. And they have to reestablish that relationship. He has to find a reason for living, because having lived so many years to achieve this, now that he's got it, having defined himself for so long by that search, who is he without that search? How does he relate to his father now?

And now we have Thunder Mountain saying, "What's our obligation here?" So it really is a process of Nation Building and watching this new country forming out of the ashes of the old.

I've got a couple of years of details worked out. A general story is already underway. We'll be unveiling conspiracies as we go along. We're definitely exploring the reality of what Jeremiah is searching for. He's looking for his Dad, for Valhalla Sector. The thing about being dedicated to looking for something is when you find it, it may end up not being what you're hoping for. And he will actually get there -- the series is built around Jeremiah finding something. And you know he will.

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Mercenaries (Vol. 2)
Mercenaries (Vol. 2)
(Jeremiah Comic)
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