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Fall into the Abyss! Monica and Fredrik Hübinette have gathered their favorite books, music, videos, and more to share with you on this web site. There is quite a lot of information and a diverse selection of items here so sit back, relax and stay awhile.

This site is in a constant flux of changes and Monica is working hard to update the content and implement the redesign she has created. Please bear with us as some links may not always work and pages may look different than this one. If you have difficulty navigating or have any questions for us, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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J. Michael Straczynski UPDATED:  9.27.2003
It was bound to happen at some point -- a section of the site dedicated to the Great Maker himself! We have pages which have collected all his novels, B5 trade paperbacks, Top Cow TPBs, Marvel TPBs, audio work, and book recommendations.
Monica Hübinette UPDATED:  11.13.2002
Her book picks have finally been converted to fit in with the new design and have been split across three pages: A-F, G-K and L-W. We just recently added a selection of her favorite DVDs which we hope you will enjoy them as much as she does. There is also her CD Collection available even though it hasn't been updated in quite some time and still in the old design.
Fredrik Hübinette UPDATED:  4.8.2003
This is a small (and perhaps unusual) collection of mostly Sci-Fi books that he really enjoys. Some of these Monica has read too so you will find her reviews mingled in there as well. Also, if you are a computer wiz like Fredrik is, you may find his book picks for programmers interesting. Finally, we are working on adding some new pages featuring his favorite games. Take a look at his First Person Shooter game recommendations.
Tsuruoka Books UPDATED:  1.10.2003
These are some book selections from Monica's best friend, Jeff Tsuruoka. He has had a huge influence on what she has enjoyed reading so his recommendations are provided here. It could probably be considered an "adult" section to some so you are warned. Personally, I find the choices quite mild but definitely from a path less traveled.
Babylon 5 UPDATED:  12.26.2003
We both agree wholeheartedly that this is the absolute best TV series around! This is definitely the largest and probably the second most updated section of The Abyss since Jeremiah came along. There is a lot going on in J. Michael Straczynski's (the writer and creator of B5) career and this section covers such things as the numerous books and novels both those written in the B5 universe and those written outside it. Don't forget to check out the music, videos, DVDs, links and more!
Jeremiah UPDATED:  10.30.2003
This is JMS' newest TV show which is now airing on Showtime. Since Showtime limits access to their site to US-IP addresses only and the official MGM site leaves MUCH to be desired, it inspired Monica to create this section here. It is chuck full of content such as news, exclusive features, cast list, episode guide, photo gallery, FAQ, shop and more!
JMS Comics UPDATED:  7.20.2003
JMS has been fortunate enough to have been given a chance to dip into the comic book realm. First, there was Rising Stars. Then, there was Midnight Nation. Finally, he stepped in and started writing for the Amazing Spider-Man series. A new addition to this section has been JMS' first foray into the comics field which started with the Babylon 5 comics. There is also a summary page that explains them all in more detail.
Toad the Wet Sprocket UPDATED:  7.21.2003
This is Monica's favorite band. It has oodles of stuff. We recently updated this section and made it fit in with our new site look and navigation. There is information about their solo albums, Toad albums, singles, soundtracks, videos, DVDs and other miscellaneous items.
Monica's Bananamania UPDATED:  8.6.2003
Banana Yoshimoto is one of Monica's favorite Japanese authors. An entire section is devoted to this wonderful author. Mostly it is because very little information about Banana was available at the time and also because Monica has so many book recommendations already that it is hard to fit it all in her Book Picks section. It highlights the five books that Banana has translated into English: Kitchen, N.P., Lizard, Amrita and Asleep.
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The Princess Bride
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