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After Babylon 5 ended, the show's writer and creator (J. Michael Straczynski) got an opportunity to create his own comic series. The first one was called Rising Stars which did so well that he was able to create another series called Midnight Nation. He now has an exclusive contract with Marvel Comics and is currently writing Amazing Spider-Man as well as a new title of his own, Supreme Power. There will likely be more comic book projects which he will be working on so check out our Work in Progress page for more information.

We think it was summed up best on a USENET posting by Travers Naran when he said to JMS, "You make comics that don't suck".

I have a fair amount of material from this section and I will try to add as many of my own personal reviews as I can. If you have any ideas on how to improve this site or if you have suggestions for things to add, please let me know.

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Rising Stars UPDATED:  7.13.2003
What if superheroes were real? This is the tale of what they became and what eventually lead to their downfall. This series comprises 24 issues that were broken down into three acts: Act 1 (#1-8), Act 2 (#9-16), and Act 3 (#17-24). There are also trade paperbacks that collect most of the single issue comics. In addition, there have been some bonus issues, a spin-off series and a big screen movie deal in the works as well.
Midnight Nation UPDATED:  7.13.2003
The story of a man's journey to reclaim his soul. This is one of JMS' best stories that we have read from him and we highly recommend this powerful and moving series. There were 12 issues published in this series which we have broken down into two pages: Issues #1-6 and Issues #7-12. There were a few bonus issues and a trade paperback that collects the whole story together.
Amazing Spider-Man UPDATED:  11.30.2003
JMS plays around in the Spider-Man universe ... you know it has got to be good! Marvel seems very pleased with the work JMS has done for them so far so who knows when it will end. Right now, we have this section divided into 10 issues per page: Issues #30-39, Issues #40-49 and Issues #50-59. There have also been a number of trade paperbacks which conveniently collect all the single issues for ease of reading.
Supreme Power UPDATED:  8.24.2003
Marvel just loves JMS (and they would be crazy not to!) and has given him free reign to revitalize the original Squadron Supreme book by Mark Gruenwald. It will be a dark and intense series and should be hitting the stores soon. Until this title hits the news stands, we have collected everything JMS has said about this project (which is a LOT) and it makes for a great introduction to the series. There will also be pages that highlight all the single issue comics but right now we just have the one page: Issues #1-10.
Babylon 5 UPDATED:  7.14.2003
One of JMS' first forays into the comic field was with his baby, Babylon 5. It was originally intended for a 24 issue run but only 11 issues got published. This section comprises: Issues #1-6 and Issues #7-11. There were fortunately a spin-off series called In Valen's Name as well as some trade paperbacks collecting some of the issues.
Works in Progress UPDATED:  11.30.2003
There are a number of projects which J. Michael Straczynski has indicated that he is working on and we will keep track of their progress on this page. Right now, there are these comic book projects on his plate: Bablyon 5 Graphic Novel, Delicate Creatures, Doctor Strange and Dream Police.
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Supreme Power #4
Supreme Power #4
(Assumed Names)
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Individual issues of the comics cannot be purchased through the normal book retailers like®. Instead, you can order the individual comics from our recommended and reliable internet retailers.

Also, many thanks goes to JMS Comics for being a great resource! (Note: They are getting a bit outdated)

Finally, a lot of work has gone into the B5 Spoiler Junkies site. It is an informative site but be warned ... it contains LOTS of spoilers!


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