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The following is a list of B5 pages/sites that I have found or have been recommended to me over the years. Please feel free to email me if you have a page/site that you think I should mention here. There are also some shortcuts to help navigate this page easier...

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B5 General Information
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B5 Rangers on SciFi
This is a good sign at least! SciFi Channel has recently added a new site to their web site. It has quite a bit of goodies like a report from the set, photos, contests, and more!

B5 on SciFi Channel
Now that B5 has found a home on SciFi, they have gone the extra mile to present the series in widescreen. Be sure to watch it weekdays at 7 PM EST/PST!

The Lurker's Guide
This is definately the best resource out there on the web. The one and only Lurker's Guide! It is not maintained as frequently as it used to but it has almost everything and anything you would want to know about the B5 universe. Here is a mirror site in case midwinter is down...

Worlds of JMS
Here is another good source of information on Babylon 5, Crusade and JMS. This site has a little of everything and it appears to be well maintained. NOTE: This is the recently relocated site from and is still in the process of getting everything converted.

B5 History
This site contains the Babylon 5 Chronology ... transcripts and analyses of the various prophecies and visions the characters experienced ... analysis and maps of astronomy in the Babylon 5 Galaxy ... a list of all human colonies ... and more! A great resource!

JMS Comics
This looks a great start on a resource for finding out everything you can about the comics JMS has written. They have cover images, synopses (beware of spoilers) and images of some pages as well.

Rising Stars Review
This is another JMS comic site that is similar to The Lurker's Guide with detailed reviews (beware of spoilers), images and unanswered questions. From what I can see, the site looks promising and I hope it grows to be as good as the Lurker.

Down Below Archive
Do you ever get the urge to listen to a B5 quote but you dont want to dig out your tapes? This is the place to go for all your B5 sounds.

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B5 Discussion/Newsletter Lists
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This one-way list grabs any posts that JMS sends in the newsgroup. Usually, each email has a copy of the post JMS is replying to as well as JMS' own reply post. It is a really handy way of staying informed about the various things by JMS and it comes straight from the sorce. You can also try JMS News since they keep an archive with a search engine of JMS posts as well. You don't see the original posts that way but it is a quick reference tool.

This is a great discussion list and a great bunch of folks. They somehow managed to get JMS to speak with their members ... a special and exclusive event! It is a discussion list for Babylon 5 in the Pacific Northwest which is dedicated to bringing time critical news and information about Babylon 5 and its spinoffs as it relates to their community (like events we hold and not the show itself). Be sure to check out their web page at

This discussion list was originally called "legendoftherangers" and it was dedicated to supporting and discussing the B5:Rangers TV movie that was made. I somehow inherited the group which has now been converted to a more general JMS discussion list since the series didn't happen and traffic has screeched to a halt. Hopefully, we can turn it into a lively group again. Please join us!

A newsletter list that provides B5 merchandise and information about the actors of Babylon 5. It contains news from the web site, The Galactic Gateway, which was started by Jeffrey Willerth (Kosh) and Patricia Tallman (Lyta Alexander). It is devoted to information about Babylon 5 cast members. Their site is kind of busy looking (it has gotten better!), but it is still worth checking out.

This is another discussion list that is similar to TheGalacticGateway only it's focus is more on general Babylon 5 information rather than on the actors themselves. Be sure to visit their site, ISN News, because it has great resources and news about B5, Crusade, JMS, trading, photos, conventions, chats and more. I get a lot of my information from this site so be sure to check it out!

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JMS Projects
B5 Info · B5 Lists · JMS Projects · B5 Personalities · B5 Interviews · B5 Chats · B5 Campaigns · B5 Humor

MGM's Official Jeremiah Site
The official site for JMS' newest television series. It premieres on March 3rd, 2002 on the Showtime Channel at 8pm ET/PT. Jeremiah is set in a future post-apocalyptic world where, almost a decade before, a deadly virus wiped out the world's adult population, sparing only those who hadn't reached puberty. Now in his 20's, Jeremiah is on a personal quest to relocate a mysterious place called Valhalla, which his father claimed might hold some hope for the survivors. Also, be sure to check out my fan site at

SciFi's Official B5LR Site
SciFi Channel has finally posted an official site for the Babylon 5: The Legend of the Rangers. It looks promising that the movie will be turned into a series so, stay tuned!

B5LR (now
This is a new fan site dedicated to providing information and promoting JMS' newest TV project, Babylon 5: The Legend of the Rangers. It is scheduled as a TV movie that will probably air later in October 2001 or as late as December 2001. This is a really nicely done site!

City of Dreams
This is one of JMS' side projects (that has nothing to do with the B5 universe) with Seeing Ear Theater. City of Dreams is a 13 episode radio drama series that are similar to the Twilight Zone and they are VERY good. As described on the site: "[It is] a world of stories about madmen, dreamers, and fanatics, designed for the imagination, the theatre of the mind."

This is the Internet Movie DataBase's page on JMS which lists all of his writing, producing, directing and guest apperances in movies and television. It has quite a lot of information and it is updated regularly.

DarkTales Publications
This is an independant publisher that focuses mainly on horror stories. JMS wrote a freaky little story called "Tribulations" which can be purchased from this site.

Top Cow Comics
This is another JMS project (that has nothing to do with the B5 universe) where he created a whole new twist on the superhero genre. If you have not read his series (which is now under his own label, Joe's Comics) then I urge to to run to your local comic book store and pick up the two series, Rising Stars and Midnight Nation.

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B5 Personalities - Offical Sites
B5 Info · B5 Lists · JMS Projects · B5 Personalities · B5 Interviews · B5 Chats · B5 Campaigns · B5 Humor

Enid-Ray Adams
Plays Firell, the Minbari healer in B5LR.

Wayne Alexander
Played Lorien, Tortured Drazi, G'Dan (Narn), and Sebastian in B5.

David Allen Brooks
Played Maximillion (Max) Jonas Eilerson, the IPX archaeologist in Crusade.

Robin Atkins Downes
Played Byron (the telepath leader) and Morran (the Minbari Grey Council member) in B5.

Richard Biggs
Played Doctor Stephen Franklin in B5.

Bruce Boxleitner
Played Captain/President John Sheridan in B5.

Jason Carter
Played Marcus Cole in B5. This is Jason's official fanclub website which I thought was good enough to include here.

Jeanne Cavelos
This author is A-OK in my book since she emailed me with her website. She has written The Shadow Within and has started the highly recommended Techno-Mage trilogy.

Evan Chen
The composer for Crusade. Also listen to his music at

Claudia Christian
Played Lt. Commander/Commander/Captain Susan Ivonova in B5.

Jerry Doyle
Played Security Chief Michael Garibaldi in B5. This is Jerry's website when he ran for congress.

Christopher Franke
The composor for Babylon 5.

Mira Furlan
Played Ambassador Delenn in B5.

Melissa Gilbert
Played Anna Sheridan in B5. Interesting factoid: She played Sheridan's wife and she is also his wife in RealLife(tm) too.

Peter Jurasik
Played Ambassador/Emperor Londo Mollari in B5.

Andreas Katsulas
Played Ambassador/Citizen G'Kar in B5 and B5LR. Also known as the "One-Armed Man" from the movie, "The Fugitive".

Walter Koenig
Played Psi Cop Alfred Bester in B5. He really makes you forget he ever played good natured Chekov in Star Trek!

Bill Mumy
Played Ambassadorial Aide Lennier in B5.

Michael O'Hare
Played Commander/Ambassador Jeffrey Sinclair in B5.

Warren T. Takeuchi
Plays Kitaro Sasaki (communication and translations expert) in B5LR. Not really an "official" web site but it is a fairly decent fan site.

Patricia Tallman
Played Lyta Alexander in B5. She is also married to Jeffery Willerth (Kosh).

Ed Wasser
Played Mr. Morden in B5.

Jeffrey Willerth
Played Ambassador Kosh in B5. He is also married to Patricia Tallman (Lyta Alexander).

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B5 Interviews
B5 Info · B5 Lists · JMS Projects · B5 Personalities · B5 Interviews · B5 Chats · B5 Campaigns · B5 Humor

IGN's 10 Questions with Jerry Doyle
On 1.30.2002, IGN asked their (patent pending) list of 10 questions to Jerry Doyle who played everybody's favorite, Michael Garibaldi.

Builder of Worlds: Straczynski Talks Jeremiah
On 2.2.2002, MGM's Sci-Fi Newsletter featured an interview with J. Michael Straczynski about his newest television project, Jeremiah. He talks about why he took this project, gives some more details about it, his other comics projects and about how he interpreted the events of Sept. 11th. Very interesting and informative!

UGO - Enid-Raye Adams - The Bald and the Beautiful
On 1.24.2002, the UnderGroundOnline web site tracked Enid-Raye down during the holidays and peppered her with questions, which she gladly and humorously answered. She is always interesting and entertaining Enid-Raye Adams and we get to find out more about Firell too.

IGN's 10 Questions with the crew of the Rangers
On 1.19.2002, IGN asked their (patent pending) list of 10 questions to Dylan Neal (David Martel), Alex Zahara (Dulann), Myriam Sirois (Sarah Cantrell), Enid-Raye Adams (Firell), Warren T. Takeuchi (Kitaro Sasaki), and Gus Lynch (Tirk)

B5TV - Mark Savela of GVFX
On 1.15.2002, published its interview with Mark Savela (and other people GVFX people involved) who was the Visual Effects Supervisor for the new telemovie. It really goes behind the scenes on how the Liandra was created.

Prevue Magazine - Myriam Sirois
On 1.15.2002, Prevue Magazine sat down with Myriam Sirois who plays the Weapons Specialist, Sarah Cantrell.

B5LR - Alex Zahara
On 1.14.2002, posted a lengthy but wonderful interview with the friendly and mysterious Alex Zahara who plays the Minbari warrior-monk, Dulann, in Legend of the Rangers.

B5LR - Enid-Raye Adams
On 1.14.2002, posted a lengthy but wonderful interview with the lively and enthusiastic Enid-Raye Adams who plays the Minbari healer, Firell, in Legend of the Rangers.

SciFi Weekly - Katsulas, Neal, Marshall, Sirois
On 1.7.2002, SciFi Wire posted a very interesting and insightful interview with Andreas Katsulas (G'Kar), Dylan Neal (Capt. David Martel), Dean Marshall (Malcolm Bridges) and Myriam Sirois (Sarah Cantrell).

IGN with JMS
On 12.15.2001, IGN sat down for a brief interview with J. Michael Straczynski. In it he talks about his (non) involvement with the first DVD released and his thoughts on what would/could be included in future releases.

10 Questions with JMS
A short but sweet list of 10 questions with 10 answers from JMS.

B5LR - Mackenzie Gray
This is the first installment in a series of interviews with a new cast member from the upcoming telemovie, Babylon 5: Legend of the Rangers. Mackenzie plays Minister Kafta, a new race in the B5 universe. It is a long interview but well worth the read. I especially liked finding out about this unknown actor in the B5 universe and how he liked working on the set.

Prevue Magazine - JMS, Part 3
This is the third installment of the interview that Prevue Magazine had with Babylon 5's writer and creator, J. Michael Straczynski. He talks about his Twilight Zone connections ... his thoughts and kinship with Rod Serling ... his obsession for writing.

Prevue Magazine - JMS, Part 2
This is the second installment of the interview that Prevue Magazine had with Babylon 5's writer and creator, J. Michael Straczynski. He talks about playing around in the B5 universe, his longtime relationship with the fans, working in the TV format, being a man with no answers ... only questions, plus a few quick responses on some of his other projects.

Prevue Magazine - JMS, Part 1
This is the first installment of the interview that Prevue Magazine had with Babylon 5's writer and creator, J. Michael Straczynski. He talks about his newest project, Babylon 5: Legend of the Rangers and more details about it's arc, timeline, philosophy, casting, characters, and races on the ship.

Prevue Magazine - Dylan Neal
This is a really great interview with the Captain David Martel in Babylon 5: Legend of the Rangers and it really gives you a great understanding why he got that role. He talks about his character, what was involved with filming, what he brought to the role, dealing with the established B5 fan base, some of his fellow cast members, working with JMS, future of a possible series, and his background before B5.

SciFi Weekly - JMS
Another interview with the Great Maker, J. Michael Straczynski by Science Fiction Weekly. Sadly, it is only 8 questions long and reviews much of what hard core fans probably already know, but it is a fun read in any case. He talks about the basis of Babylon 5: Legend of the Rangers, the timeline, the ship's design, working in the confines of the B5 universe, humorous Minbari signs, the director, G'Kar, and the possiblity of a series.

SciFi Weekly - Cavelos
A great interview with the writer of four very popular B5 novels (Shadow Within and the Techno-Mage trilogy) by Science Fiction Weekly. It has a lot of insight into her past books, her career, the writing process, what is to come in the future techno-mage trilogy and of course, her pet iguana, Igmoe.

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B5 Chats
B5 Info · B5 Lists · JMS Projects · B5 Personalities · B5 Interviews · B5 Chats · B5 Campaigns · B5 Humor

Look for questions from me as "Lyta-B5LR"!
On, Enid-Raye Adams (who plays Firell in B5LR) talks about ... how she prepared for the role ... what attracted her to acting ... dealing with the Minbari makeup ... working with JMS ... her dream acting job ... working with Andreas (G'Kar) ... pranks on the set ... her fondest childhood memory ... her greatest phobia ... what keeps her centered ... her one woman show ... upcoming projects.

Look for questions from me as "Lyta-B5LR"!
On, Myriam Sirois (who plays Sarah Cantrell in B5LR) talks about ... the person who admires the most ... pressure to perform for the fans ... rewards of being a Ranger ... working with JMS ... her fondest childhood memory ... Anime fandom ... the challenges/rewards of her role ... working with G'Kar ... how the cast gets along ... her favorite scene ... her impressions of the TV show B5.

Look for questions from me as "Lyta-B5LR"!
On, Warren T. Takeuchi (who plays Kitaro Sasaki in B5LR) talks about ... his character in B5LR ... how tough his charater is ... his career in 10 years ... whom he admires the most ... his familiarity with the B5 universe before this project ... what it was like working on the set ... the special challenges of doing Kitaro ... where to get a signed autograph ... his inspiration to choose acting as a career ... attending SciFi conventions ... working with JMS ... advise for aspiring actors.

Look for questions from me as "Lyta-B5LR"!
On, Dean Marshall (who plays Malcolm Bridges in B5LR) talks about ... his character in B5LR ... the defining moment in his career when he knew this was -it- ... his favorite scene ... his holosuit ... research for his role ... being a fan of SciFi ... boxers or briefs ... life outside acting ... his worst job ... advise for aspiring actors.

Look for questions from me as "Lyta"!
On, Dylan Neal (who plays David Martel in B5LR) talks about ... playing a Ranger ... working with Andreas (G'Kar) ... playing the anarchetypal great-hero character ... his start as an actor ... the difference playing SciFi and other genres ... what his misses about home ... JMS' storytelling ... his proudest role ... building furnature ... advise for aspiring actors.

On, Alex Zahara (who plays Dulann in B5LR) talks about ... his character ... working with the cast and JMS ... Minbari makeup ... working on Stargate ... B5 fans ... working in SciFi ... Jeremiah ... his acting career ... possible series.

Look for questions from me as "Mo"!
On, Jeanne Cavelos (author of the new Techno-Mage trilogy) talks about ... possible book siging appearances ... thoughts on contributions of other authors in the B5 universe ... researching magicians ... Morden's history ... naming characters ... her career path ... her other books ... differing with JMS.

On, Jeanne Cavelos (author of a few B5 books) talks about ... why she decided to write a B5 novel ... psychic westerns ... timeline of the Techno-Mage trilogy ... working for NASA ... writing within the box ... details of JMS' outline ... writing workshops ... new revelations about the B5 universe ... music inspiration ... Star Trek charactors ... voices in her head ... length of her trilogy.

On The Galactic Gateway, Jeanne Cavelos (Author of a few B5 books) talks about ... putting together Casting Shadows ... favorite authors ... her writing career ... JMS' involvement with her writing ... background on her first novel ... Galen's background ... advice to writers.

On, Peter Jurasik (Londo Mollari) talks about ... writing novels ... working with Bruce Boxleitner (Sheridan) and Andreas Katsulas (G'Kar) ... Londo's accent ... other TV projects ... advice on acting.

On, Bill Mumy (Lennier) talks about ... his experience on Star Trek ... musical projects ... being a Minbari ... growing up in Hollywood.

On, Jerry Doyle (Garabaldi) talks about ... Daffy Duck ... his future projects ... his political campaign ... charactor development ... convention happenings ... piloting ... space exploration ... Emmy's.

On, JMS (Writer/Creator) talks about ... Talia and Ivonova ... the most underestimated B5 char ... how close his vision was with the end product ... the best and worst day of shooting ... Napster ... Star Trek.

On The Galactic Gateway, Patricia Tallman (Lyta Alexander) talks about ... funniest moments ... stunt work vs acting ... Never Die Twice ... love scene with Byron ... various projects ... favorite actors ... being married to a Vorlon.

On, Jeffrey Willerth (Kosh) talks about ... residual checks ... being a Vorlon ... what he thinks of TNT ... Kosh-isms ... behind the scenes.

On The Galactic Gateway, Jeffrey Willerth (Kosh) talks about ... his costume ... funniest moments ... favorite part of being Kosh ... Galactic Gateway ... other B5 roles.

On, JMS (Writer/Creator) talks about ... his new radio drama series, City of Dreams ... his inspiration for creating the B5 series ... his thoughts on writing ... the affect the B5 series has had.

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B5 Campaigns
B5 Info · B5 Lists · JMS Projects · B5 Personalities · B5 Interviews · B5 Chats · B5 Campaigns · B5 Humor

B5 Rangers Sponsor List
It feels a little funny adding a link to my own site here, but it really is a separate page that isn't really connected to anything else here. Did you like the Rangers telemovie? Do you want to see a series made? Visit our page for letter writting tips and addresses (in downloadable format) of the major sponsors and advertisers. Show how much we support the show!

Crusade for Crusade
Here is another great resource for letter writing which was set up when Crusade was canceled. I think it must have certainly helped SciFi Channel make the decision to re-run a 13 episode canceled series. At least, that is what I hope!

ISS Babylon
Did you know that there is an International Space Station currently being built right now? Well, you must be living under a rock if you didn't. ;) Well, there is a campaign to name this space station with something other than a goverment acronym. I can't think of a better name than Babylon. Read up on it and write some letters!

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B5 Humor
B5 Info · B5 Lists · JMS Projects · B5 Personalities · B5 Interviews · B5 Chats · B5 Campaigns · B5 Humor

Babylon 5 Drinking Game
I think it is best summed up by their introduction, "Thirsty, I come. In Bacchus' name, I take the drink which has been prepared for me. I am drunk. I stand between the pitcher and the toilet. We are drunk. We stand between the table and the floor."

Shadows in the Dark
This is a really funny site by Dan P. Olson and you don't have to be familiar with B5 in order to enjoy it since the owner explains most of the basic charactors fairly well. Of course, if you are familiar with the series the humor works better. :) If you liked this, be sure to check out some Star Trek parodies which the B5 parody was based on.

Ask Kosh
I love this and so will you if you enjoy listening to Kosh. I asked, "Who are you?" and Kosh replied, "Yes". How typical. Check it out and have fun. I did.

Babylon Park
A mix between Babylon 5 and South Park ... they make some really funny spoofs on various Sci-Fi shows.

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