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Fredrik's favourite driving games

I don't like racing games much. But that doesn't exclude all games which involves cars. I think Carmageddon was the first racing game I liked, because it was actually easier and more fun to just ram all the opponents and run over all the bystanders than to actually win the race.
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Carmageddon 3 TDR 2000
by: Xicat -- Official Site: Click here -- Published: 2000 ? -- Platforms: PC Price: -- Status: This item is currently not available.

Cover Image

While the original Carmageddon was a lot of fun, I wouldn't recommend it to anybody anymore, since the it didn't feature much in support for 3d graphics cards. Unfortunately, Carmageddon II was dreadful, but Carmageddon 3 TDR 2000 is just as fun as the original and has much better graphics. I particularly like the rediculusly oversized afterburner which can quickly propel you just about anywhere with astonishing inaccuracy. :)

In the future, the cities of the world becomes overrun with mutant zombies, the normal people has abandoned the cities and raised walls around them to keep the Zombies inside. It is in these crazy and zombie infested cities that the races in carmageddon take place. Of course, the story is just a ploy to make you feel less guilty about running over hundreds of bystanders as you race though the cities at neck-breaking speeds. It is even rumoured that the zombies were originally supposed to be monkeys.

The system requirements are moderate, any Pentium III should do it as long as you have a DirecX-compatible graphics card.

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Grand Theft Auto 3
by: Rockstar Games -- Official Site: Click here -- Published: 1999 -- Platforms: PC, PS2 Price: $24.99 -- Status: Usually ships in 24 hours

Cover Image

This game is just sick and wrong. Which is of course why I love it. It has a good story, but is fairly open so that you can run around and do whatever you please. Everything in the game is very detailed, and there are many many different things to do in the game, most of which includes cars of course.


I would recommend the PS2 version over the PC version, mostly because the controls are better, but also because the graphics generally flows smoother.

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GTA Vice City
by: Take 2 -- Official Site: Click here -- Published: 2002 -- Platforms: PS2

List Price: $19.99 -- Price: $19.79 -- You save: $0.20 (1%) -- Status: Usually ships in 1-2 business days

Cover Image



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Max Payne
Max Payne
(PC Game)

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