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There are a number of projects which J. Michael Straczynski has indicated that he is working on. As we hear updates and other information on these items, we will update this page.

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JMS Speaks about the B5 Graphic Novel
What's the current status of the B5/Crusade graphic novel?

It's in need of some spare round tuits....

There should be something announced about that shortly.

My last conversation with them indicated a length of about 100 pages, give or take.

I will be writing a one-off B5 Graphic Novel for Wildstorm that will debut later this year. I figure on writing it as soon as I get out from under my current deadlines.

I think I'd like to do something in continuity with the series, so that it feels like an unproduced episode...but I haven't decided yet, and don't want to go too far down that road until I've talked more to the guys at Wildstorm. They've been great in all this, they initiated the project, and I want to be sure that welcome is treated properly.

WB owns the rights, which reverted after DC stopped doing the books. They'd rather not go to an outside company for political reasons.

WB didn't want to let the book outside "the family" so they wouldn't let anyone other than DC do it, but now that Wildstorm is owned by DC, it's a possibility.

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JMS Speaks about Delicate Creatures
This project has now been made reality and you can read more information about it on our JMS Trade Paperbacks page.
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JMS Speaks about Doctor Strange
The first issue of the Doc Strange mini is nearly done.

JQ has mentioned that a new Dr Strange series is being "worked on". I know you've said you'd love to be part of this. What are the chances of you being involved?


I've turned an expanded, 35 page outline for a Doctor Strange limited series in to Marvel, and will be writing the script for that one as soon as I can get my head above water (easier on the keyboard that way). I wanted to bring the Doc into the 21st century and revisualize certain aspects of his character and his history. It's not intended to be as deep or as potentially controversial as Supreme Power, this one's for fun because I'm a longtime fan of Doc Strange, and want to do something nifty with the character.

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JMS Speaks about Dream Police
Is it correct to infer that [the delay with Rising Stars] are what has also indefinately delayed Dream Police, which you have previously stated is already written and inked?

No, in that it's been written now for a few years (literally), but only a few pages have been drawn. The thing is just sort of laying there.

"Dream Police" was turned in over a year ago, but there have been lots of delays on that side of things, so I have no idea when that's coming out.

Plans are for Top Cow to do it as a one-shot; DP was never itself planned as an anthology, but rather one issue *in* that anthology.

Also this fall we should see the debut of my new anthology comic from Top Cow, each issue presenting a different story. We haven't nailed down a title yet; I suggested Eccentric Tales, they like Joe's Comics Presents or Tales of Joe.

I've already lined up the next regular series, an anthology title, and a new graphic novel, Delicate Creatures, which is already written. I don't want to do more than 3 books per month (2 Joe's Comics titles, 1 other title a la Spider-Man) so one will have to phase out to make room for another to avoid the workload getting too hairy.

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Amazing Spider-Man TPB
Amazing Spider-Man TPB
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