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Goodbye Tsugumi
Goodbye Tsugumi
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Patricia Tallman (who played Lyta Alexander on B5) will be appearing on tomorrow's edition of "The Screen Savers" on TechTV.

Here is one of the most in-depth and personal interviews we have read with JMS. It is long, but worth every second spent reading it.

The Season 2 DVD set is now available for pre-order in the UK (Region 2). It is scheduled to be released on Mar 19, 2003.

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This page consists of the newer series of books which are all set up as trilogies. These books are definately better than most of those that came before and are considered canon (meaning they continue the B5 storyline) for the B5 series. All of these books were based off of a detailed outline that J. Michael Straczynski (B5's writer and creator) wrote. So far, there have been the Bester/Psi-Cops, Centauri Prime/Legions of Fire and the beginning of the Techno-Mages trilogies.

NOTE: Triologies are listed by publishing date from newest to oldest.
NOTE: Books within the trilogies are listed by publishing date from oldest to newest.

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Book I: Casting Shadows
Author: Jeanne Cavelos -- Published: Feb 2001 -- Format: Paperback
The Passing of the Techno-Mages Trilogy
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Click for larger image DESCRIPTION:
The spectacular space epic continues, as the techno-mages face the growing threat of the Shadows ... As Elric and his student Galen watch with taut anticipation, dragons, angels, and shooting stars rain from the sky, heralding the arrival of the techno-mages on the planet Soom. But rumors fly of approaching danger and Galen and his young lover, Isabelle, are chosen to investigate the dark tidings. An ancient race has awakened after a thousand years, thirsty for war, slaughter, and annihilation. Will the techno-mages be the deciding factor in the war ahead? Or the first casualties?

I was totally blown away. This series is the most page heavy of the three trilogies and it is worth every word. I laughed, I cried, I got angry and I fell in love. This book takes place during the first season of B5 and recounts how the mages decided to deal with the return of the Shadows. Jeanne's background in the sciences really shines in her revealing look into the mages technology. The only complaint is her use of the term "mind's eye". I just wish she had come up with a more mage-like description ... Even so, I highly recommend reading this book and in doing so, you will want to become a techno-mage before the end.

I tend to agree that this is probably the best of the trilogies done to date.
There's actually going to be a LOT of Crusade stuff in the trilogy, because at the time I wrote the outlines, the series was still in the works. So some of the stuff I'd planned to reveal in the series will be revealed here.

I also added lots of stuff that wasn't in Joe's outline, like storylines for Kosh and Anna Sheridan, and Galen's quest to understand the tech and himself.
I realized a few months ago that THE PASSING OF THE TECHNO-MAGES is in some weird way a kind of Harry Potter for adults.

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