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I have decided to start up a new list of links since the other sites out there have seemed to have not been keeping them updated. Unfortunately, I will only include web pages in English since it would be hard for me to know what they contain. Please send me an email if you see something on the net that isn't listed here and you think it should be.

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Information About Banana
Information · Book Reviews · Interviews

Banana Yoshimoto's Official Home Page
There is both a Japanese and English version with the English version with a little less content. Her diary is most interesting since it contains photos and a glimpse into her personal life. It is just a little strange since I have no idea who these people are in her life.

Unrecognized Banana Yoshimoto Page
A really good collection of Banana Yoshimoto links, photos, books and more! It is a really good source of Banana information.

Chris Moxey's Bananamania
Another Bananamania site with a collection of Banana Yoshimoto links and recipes.

IMDB on Banana (Mahoko) Yoshimoto
The Internet Movie Database's page that lists Banana Yoshimoto's novels that have been adapted to film. Pretty nifty info!

Famous Japanese
A nice little page with some basic biographical information about Banana.

Second Honeymoon
A wonderful translation of a short story by Banana Yoshimoto plus some biographical inforamtion about her as well.

Jason's Banana Yoshimoto Page
A nice looking site and has quite a bit of information on Banana including reviews on some of her more recent books and the movie Kitchen

Sharon's Banana Yoshimoto Page
Yet another web site with some information about this wonderful author. It contains various cover art from her books as well as summaries of the english publications and complete Japanese bibliography also.

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Book Reviews
Information · Book Reviews · Interviews

A Small Resurrection
A review of Banana's Asleep by Magdalena Ball on the Compulsive Reader web site.

Brand New Era
An interesting review of Lizard by Yuji Oniki. It is not entirely flattering but I think it is great to see other people's opinion of her writing.

Yoshimoto and Kawabata
A comparisson between these two writers and in particular the two novels, N.P. and Sound of Mountain. It also gives a brief introduction for each of these authors.

Kitchen and N.P.
A brief description and review of these two novels.

Kitchen Review
A nice, detailed and personal evaluation of one of Banana's novels.

Kitchen Book Review
A brief review of Kitchen and Moonlight Shadow by Jason Anderson who is a correspondant for the EYE, a Toronto weekly publication.

A brief summary and commentary on Banana's most popular novel. It was entered into NYU's database on July 27th, 1997.

College Paper on Kitchen
A really detailed comparison between the Japanese and English versions of the book. It is very interesting to see a perspective on the original Japanese text since I am not able to do so myself.

Kitchen (the movie)
A review by The Flying Inkpot about the movie that was made that was based on Banana's novel.

Love and Soup
A review of the movie Kitchen by Time Magazine.

Lizard Review
A fantastic and detailed review of Banana's novel by Maureen McClarnon, a contributor for Io magazine (a digital magazine of literary culture).

Cooking with Banana
A sarcastic and funny "review" of N.P. and Kitchen.

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Information · Book Reviews · Interviews

Christian Science Monitor
Nicole Gaouette, a staff writer for this publication, published an interview she had with Banana on Dec. 10th, 1998. They talked about her newest book she was writting (Honeymoon) as well as her reasons for writting, the phenomenon behind the mania, her background and more.

Yim Ho Interview
Yim Ho was the director for the movie Kitchen.

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