The Abyss : Monica's CD Collection
The Abyss :  Monica's CD Collection
The Hübinette`s profound intellectual
journey through books, music and videos.
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You can see a list of songs (perhaps even listen to some of them) and see how much an item costs (usually 4-40% off!) by clicking on the cover image or the item title. You can also find out more details on why you should buy books and music from The Abyss by reading our associate page.

NOTE: The CDs are in alphabetical order by artist (except when it makes more sense to order by type or album name). The graphics on this page (with the exception of the smiley and 'NEW!' images) are courtesy of Amber's Free Art.
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[Jeff's pick]
My best friend Jeff has given me a large number of CD's and has expanded my musical experiences greatly. Therefore, all of his contributions are marked with love, honor and many thanks.
[Most played]
These are the CD's that make it into my player the most often.
There are a few CD's from my husband's collection that I confiscated and claim them as my own.
These are the newest additions to my collection.

Buy This CD! Remain in Light
by Talking Heads

I am not a huge Heads fan, but I like this CD. [Jeff's pick]

Buy This CD! MTV Unplugged
by 10,000 Maniacs

This band sounds good live and since I never did see them in person, this is a good enough substitute.

Sorry, not available! Theodore (An alternative Music Sampler)
by Various Artists

I originally wanted this for the Toad track and it ended up being chuck full of other artists I like. Bonus! :) [Jeff's pick]

Buy This CD! Dusk
by The The

This is one great album and Lonely Planet was on repeat there for a while. [Most played]

Buy This CD! Infected
by The The

I bought this after Dusk and it is O.K.

Buy This CD! Soul Mining
by The The

Leave it to Jeff to pick a good TheThe album for me. I like it much better than Infected. [Jeff's pick]

Buy This CD! Flood
by They Might Be Giants

Hilarious and funky band. It always puts me in a cherry and silly mood.

Buy This CD! Blood
by This Mortal Coil

Really,I only like the first half with my favorite being With Tomorrow. The rest is a bit strange. [Jeff's pick]

Buy This CD! Toys Soundtrack
by Various Artists

I enjoyed the movie and the music so of course, I had to have it.

Buy This CD! Small Change
by Tom Waits

His gravelly voice may take some getting used to, but oh is he good. [Jeff's pick]

Sorry, not available! The Best of the Waterboys '81-'90
by The Waterboys

I wanted the two songs: Spirit and The Whole of the Moon.

Buy This CD! The Phantom of the Opera
by Andrew Lloyd Webber

Saw this once a few years ago and couldn't get the music out of my head. I can't wait to see it again ... man, it was wonderful! [Jeff's pick]

Buy This CD! Upstairs At Eric's
by Yaz

Didn't realize I had heard them in some of the dance club's when I got this album. [Jeff's pick]

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