The Abyss : Monica's CD Collection
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The Abyss :  Monica's CD Collection
The Hübinette`s profound intellectual
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NOTE: The CDs are in alphabetical order by artist (except when it makes more sense to order by type or album name). The graphics on this page (with the exception of the smiley and 'NEW!' images) are courtesy of Amber's Free Art.
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[Jeff's pick]
My best friend Jeff has given me a large number of CD's and has expanded my musical experiences greatly. Therefore, all of his contributions are marked with love, honor and many thanks.
[Most played]
These are the CD's that make it into my player the most often.
There are a few CD's from my husband's collection that I confiscated and claim them as my own.
These are the newest additions to my collection.

Buy This CD! Ingénue
by k.d. lang

I love this woman's voice. I remember when I first saw her perform on The Tonight Show (or something like it) ... wow! Strange stage presence but still very good. [Jeff's pick] [Most played]

Buy This CD! The John Lennon Collection
by John Lennon

First heard this while seeing a boyfriend (now ex) and it grew on me.

Buy This CD! Throwing Copper
by Live

I keep considering getting more albums of theirs but I just never seem to get around to it.

Buy This CD! Divine Madness
by Madness

I remember the song Our House when I was younger and after hearing this album I kinda grew attached to their funky and silly songs. [Fredrik's]

Buy This CD! So Tonight That I Might See
by Mazzy Star

I wanted the song Fade Into You. This was another influence from an ex-boyfriend.

Buy This CD! Fumbling Towards Ecstasy
by Sarah McLachlan

I really like her haunting yet beautiful music. [Jeff's pick] [Most played]

Buy This CD! Tigerlily
by Natalie Merchant

I really dig this woman's vocal chords and lyrics. [Most played]

Buy This CD! Jagged Little Pill
by Alanis Morissette

I know, it's about time! When I first heard her I wasn't sure if I was gonna like her. Now, I know she rocks. :)

Buy This CD! Vauxhall and I
by Morrissey

Depressing but lovely music.

Buy This CD! Singles
by Alison Moyet

This is definately one of my favorite female voices. One I never tire of listening to. [Jeff's pick] [Most played]

Buy This CD! Natural Born Killers Soundtrack
by Various Artists

Never did actually see the movie, but it is a 'killer' soundtrack. [Jeff's pick]

Buy This CD! Low Life
by New Order

Now, THIS is more like it! This album has the songs I remember listening to when I was in school. [Jeff's pick]

Buy This CD! Substance
by New Order

I like them, but this wasn't quite what I had in mind when I bought it. I wanted the songs that I heard on the radio, not the overmixed and extended versions on this album. I should probably get rid of this one now that I have an album that I actually like better.

Buy This CD! I Do Not Want What I Haven't Got
by Sinéad O'Connor

Found this in the bargin bin for $3.99 and couldn't pass it up. I absolutely love Nothing compares 2U.

Buy This CD! Waiting For Herb
by The Pogues

Fun and funky band. Tuesday Morning is a special song for me and my best friend.

Buy This CD! The Singles
by The Police

Undeniably good. A very good collection of their best songs.

Buy This CD! Frosting on the Beater
by The Posies

When I play this album, it reminds me of the time I saw them play at The Bite of Seattle in 1994.

Buy This CD! The Singles
by The Pretenders

Another good 'best hits' album. [Jeff's pick]

Buy This CD! All of This and Nothing
by The Psychedelic Furs

I had always wanted a Furs album! [Jeff's pick]

Buy This CD! Pulp Fiction Soundtrack
by Various Artists

This was one of the few albums that my husband and I had duplicates of ... so it must be good! Damn great movie too. :) [Jeff's pick]

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