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The Abyss :  Monica's CD Collection
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NOTE: The CDs are in alphabetical order by artist (except when it makes more sense to order by type or album name). The graphics on this page (with the exception of the smiley and 'NEW!' images) are courtesy of Amber's Free Art.
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[Jeff's pick]
My best friend Jeff has given me a large number of CD's and has expanded my musical experiences greatly. Therefore, all of his contributions are marked with love, honor and many thanks.
[Most played]
These are the CD's that make it into my player the most often.
There are a few CD's from my husband's collection that I confiscated and claim them as my own.
These are the newest additions to my collection.

Buy This CD! MCMXD a.D.
by Enigma

Great music to uh, relax by ... yeah that's it! :) [Jeff's pick] [Most played]

Buy This CD! Watermark
by Enya

My mom introduced me to her music. At first I thought she had strange taste in music, but now I can't get enough. :) [Most played]

Buy This CD! Shepherd Moons
by Enya

I cannot decide which album I like more... but I think this one comes a close second. [Most played]

Buy This CD! The Memory of Trees
by Enya

Yeah, I know ... shame on me for not getting it sooner, but hey, I finally found a used copy and I love it! I mean, how can you not? It's ENYA! :) [Most played]

Buy This CD! Greatest Hits
by Eurythmics

They had some great music and a lot is in this album.

Buy This CD! Worldwide
by Everything but the Girl

I am so glad I was introduced to this wonderful British duo. [Jeff's pick] [Most played]

Buy This CD! Babylon 5 (Volume 1)
by Christopher Franke

Fredrik and I absolutely L-O-V-E this TV show. So, if you haven't seen it, then you must! This was our very first CD purchase together on music we both enjoy. Actually, it is more his type of music, but good stuff nonetheless. The music on this album was composed before the actual series came out, so it is more freeform and flowing. Nice and relaxing! [Most played]

Buy This CD! Babylon 5 (Messages From Earth)
by Christopher Franke

Well, there is no use only getting one volume when there are two available! :) On this album, there are more songs directly from the series with main title themes and music from some of the major episodes. [Most played]

Buy This CD! Braveheart Soundtrack
by James Horner

The music is performed by the London Symphony Orchestra. [Jeff's pick]

Buy This CD! Passion
by Peter Gabriel

I actually don't care too much for him in general, but it is passionate music. It's also the music from the movie The Last Temptation of Christ. [Jeff's pick]

Buy This CD! On Fire
by Galaxie 500

I have an affinity for the song Tell Me but right now I can't stand to listen to the CD by itself. Kinda high up on the annoyance factor, but it's good in the 6 CD changer on random. [Jeff's pick]

Buy This CD! Parachute
by Guster

I heard about them from the Toad mailing list and decided to spend $10 and see what they were like. Not bad for a small band from Mass.

Buy This CD! Cracked Rear View
by Hootie & the Blowfish

I bought the CD after hearing them open and play with Toad in 1996. You could tell that they were genuine friends and had lots of fun on stage, which made it quite enjoyable to watch and listen to.

Buy This CD! London 0 Hull 4
by The Housemartins

Since I liked The Beautiful South so much, I got to listen to the group that came before ... and well, it's just a bit too happy and pop-y for me now. [Jeff's pick]

Buy This CD! Indigo Girls
by Indigo Girls

This is one album that I like every single song. [Jeff's pick] [Most played]

Buy This CD! Compact Snap!
by The Jam

I haven't had a chance to listen yet. My life is so busy.

Buy This CD! Laid
by James

This was one of my ex-boyfriend's favorites so I guess it rubbed off. Saw them in concert once and that was pretty neat. I remember the light show was pretty kewl.

Buy This CD! Stoned & Dethroned
by Jesus & Mary Chain

Nice mellow, grooven kinda music. [Jeff's pick]

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